A leader in performance marketing solutions, growing by leaps and bounds, looks for an effective recruiting solution.

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For two decades, Leapfrog Online, headquartered in Evanston, Illinois, has been the industry leader in best practices related to the strategic use of consumer data. They understand the consumer journey and develop effective customer acquisition strategies that deliver business results.

With a data-driven approach and a culture of innovation, Leapfrog delivers game-changing, scalable results for brand marketers. Currently, more than 190 data scientists, software and systems engineers, media planners, analysts, creative, UX and brand marketers make up the Leapfrog team.

Attracting top talent when resources are limited

In 2014, Leapfrog leadership found themselves with a good problem: They needed to hire eight new team members, but they needed to do so in a very short period of time.

That alone was a daunting task, and coupled with a lack of brand recognition and a location in a suburb of Chicago, Leapfrog knew it would be difficult to attract the talent they needed. Plus, without internal resources, recruiting experience and a disconnected recruiting process, success would be next to impossible.

So, Leapfrog turned to Hirewell for help.

Creating a Managed Recruiting Process

We quickly determined that Leapfrog needed a recruiting process overhaul, requiring buy-in from the leadership and hiring teams. Without their support and understanding of the process, their recruiting efforts would not be successful.

With leadership's support, we built a custom Managed Recruiting Program (MRP) and placed a dedicated recruiting lead onsite to create and manage an internal end-to-end process, guaranteeing a real-time feedback loop and issue resolution.

Supported by our recruiting teams across all functions, the recruiting lead implemented new tools and technology for effective talent identification and vetting. We developed a smooth, transparent recruiting process for both Leapfrog and the candidates. This enabled us to quickly and efficiently identify talent, evaluate fit and transition candidates to the onboarding team.

Customized MRP continues to reap benefits for Leapfrog

3+ Year Engagement

116 Total Hires

17 Hires in Q1 2018

The initial four-month engagement for eight roles turned into an ongoing partnership with us continuing to manage Leapfrog’s recruiting initiatives. Since 2014, we have helped Leapfrog strategically grow its human capital, hiring more than 100 people across the entire organization.
The MRP, customized to meet Leapfrog’s specific needs, exemplifies the true recruiting partnership. It also will serve as great recruiting and employer brand strategy for the client for years to come.

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