Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know what it’s like to work at Hirewell? Explore our answers to the most frequently asked questions below!


Is the role fully remote?

Yes! We are a remote first, hybrid optional environment. We are actively hiring in all locations in the US on a full remote basis. If you live in Chicagoland and prefer working in an office, we do have a WeWork space available, which some of our team takes advantage of. But it is completely optional. We also have clusters of Hirewell teams in Atlanta and Dallas. We have twice a year company events in Chicago – we’ll fly you here for them!

As long as your at-home setup works for you, then it works for us.

Where is the office located? Are people going into the office? How Frequently?

Our WeWork space is located at 625 W Adams St, Chicago, IL 60661. It is available for any Hirewell employee interested in taking a break from their home office. Use it five days a week or none at all – it’s completely up to you! If you choose to use the space you’ll typically have a few coworkers accompanying you on any given day. We have access to WeWork locations in other markets if you are outside of Chicago.

How many employees are there at Hirewell?

Hirewell and our related companies (TritonExec, Sourcewell, and Rainmakers) have 200 employees globally. 140 of them are in the US.

What is Hirewell’s Managed Recruiting offering? What areas do they recruit in?

Managed Recruiting is our way of helping companies scale fast. We assign a dedicated account lead who manages internal recruitment functions (e.g. setting up and managing the ATS, managing job postings, setting up interviews with team, etc.) while also being supported by our teams of recruiting specialists. These programs can cover all of our specialized recruiting areas: technology, HR, marketing, sales, finance & accounting, operations, real estate, supply chain, etc.

What is OnDemand recruiting? And what value does it bring for the client?

OnDemand recruiting is Hirewell’s outsourced recruiting offering where we assign a dedicated resource to be fully committed to one client. They would take on all internal recruitment functions and would look and feel like an internal member of the team both internally and externally.

Our clients utilize this service because…Hirewell hires well! Our OnDemand recruiters are highly experienced, well-vetted and can hit the ground running.

What KPI’s /metrics does Hirewell focus on? How is success measured?

Hirewell is a results-driven organization. What does that mean? We define what success looks like for each role and help our employees exceed those goals. It also means we don’t focus on ridiculous metrics that were relevant in recruiting 30+ years ago. No one wants you to make 50+ calls per day.

Our goals are transparent and attainable. They are based on level/experience. Metrics are not the key measurement, but they are an indicator – we track data to drive success. Trust us, we are not a sweatshop. We encourage our teams to think about success holistically – placing job seekers at our clients is our number one job. But building client relationships, bringing broader business ideas to the table, getting involved in other initiatives are all factors in your success at Hirewell.

How is compensation calculated?

We are a results-driven company. All roles within Hirewell are base salary + variable comp! We pay competitive base salaries that vary based upon experience. Our commission structure is as good as it gets. Commissions start at 10% and go up to 30%. People in their first year typically earn an additional 20-30% above their salary in variable compensation. In year two, people earn an additional 30-60% of their salary in variable compensation. Every year, we have a significant number of our employees double (or more) their base salary in commissions!

For those in other parts of the company, your variable compensation will be based on the success of your practice.

Where are your clients located? Would I ever have to go onsite?

Hirewell primarily recruits nationwide in the US and Canada. We also do work in the UK, EU and Australia. Given we’ve been in the Chicago area for over 20 years, we have a lot of clients local to the area.

Hirewell employees are not required to go onsite to client companies. But you’re interested in meeting a client near you for lunch, happy hour, etc.? Be our guest. Again, no pressure.

Who is finding Hirewell’s clients? Who does the business development?

A combination of things. Because of our senior staff and approach, referral business has always been a big channel. We are consistently rated one of the top recruiting firms in the country. That also drives a lot of inbound interest. And we do have a few individuals focused on business development.

Can anyone help out with the content creation at Hirewell?

Absolutely! Whether you’ve been with us for one day or one decade, all Hirewell employees can get in on the fun. Best of all, you’ll get compensated for building your brand. That’s right, you get bonuses for making content contributions.

How do you get involved with the Hirewell content?

We have bi-weekly content “committee” meetings where all Hirewell employees are welcome and encouraged to join. We’re always brainstorming new topics for shows and looking for fresh new faces to get in front of the camera, write an article, or help find guests for shows! Your level of participation is up to you.

Does Hirewell provide a laptop? What equipment/tools does Hirewell provide?

All necessary equipment will be provided by Hirewell (laptop, additional screen, etc.). We’ll ship it right to you, so you don’t have to lift a finger!

What do you use internally to communicate with one another?

We’re a Google Suite family – Gmail and Google Chat are our main communication methods. Oh, and we use Zoom too!

Does Hirewell do contract and direct-hire placements?

Yes. We help our clients find talent however it best suits them. That includes contract/temp/staffing/contract-to-hire placement — we call it Interim Talent Solutions and permanent/search/direct hire – we call it Managed Recruiting. The concept is similar to our competitors, but the delivery and the client relationships are much stronger.


How have you maintained culture since going remote?

Our teams stay close-knit through their weekly meetings and frequent team outings. We’re always trying to find new and creative ways to keep up communication across our company.

Our DEI and Content Committees are two great ways to better get to know folks outside of your practice. We also host optional “cross team socials”, both in person and virtual, so we can spend some quality time with Hirewellians we don’t get to see in our team meetings.

How does Hirewell differ from other agencies?

  1. Our people. We’ve built an enjoyable culture that allows us to attract top talent and pride ourselves on being a destination firm for top recruiters. Our annual turnover is less than 10% (industry average is 2.5x that). Our average tenure is nearly 4 years.
  2. Our specialized practices: technology, HR, marketing, sales, finance & accounting, and real estate. We have expertise in all these areas and can build comprehensive solutions for our clients. We can go very wide, yet very deep. That helps us develop and maintain very strong client relationships.
  3. Our flexible solutions: Managed Recruiting and OnDemand Recruiting. Our team can embed and provide added process value for our clients. That also gives our employees a variety of career opportunities. It allows them to get a taste of corporate recruiting and learn new industries. It also allows them to become better recruiters, which helps us continually exceed client expectations.
  4. Our technology. Our Sourcewell AI platform gives us a decisive advantage for our internal teams and clients to work faster and more efficiently.
  5. Our Brand. We’ve worked hard to differentiate ourselves in a crowded market. 20+ years of results allows us to take on very interesting engagements. Our focus on content driven marketing allows our employees to build their own brand. It helps us engage with best in class clients.

What does growth look like at Hirewell?

We believe in home grown talent – everyone in leadership roles (Director+) has been promoted from within. We believe in giving our employees any and all opportunities to advance their careers without having to go elsewhere.

As we grow our recruiting services and software businesses, it opens a lot of doors for our team to move into new areas. Whether that’s moving up into leadership roles or moving into new skills areas, we’re committed to helping you grow professionally and personally.

What is the leadership style like at Hirewell?

We looked at all the poor management philosophies that plague the staffing industry and said “let’s do the opposite.” Kidding. But not really.

We surveyed our team and they described our leadership as down to earth, honest, and always happy to help out. Our leaders all started as recruiters and most of them are still recruiting. They are experts in the industry. And they are committed to helping our new hires become experts as well.

What is management like?

Everyone has their own unique style, but each one of Hirewell’s managers are approachable, supportive, and encouraging of autonomy. No one has the time or interest in micromanaging people. Need to reach out to Matt, our CEO? Feel free. Open door policy here.

How often do you meet with your manager/team? How team-focused is the role?

Each practice meets 1-2x a week. You’ll have a 1-on-1 with your manager each week as well. There is also an all-hands meeting 1x/week. We pride ourselves on not having too many, or too few meetings.

What is your favorite part about working at Hirewell?

We surveyed our Hirewell employees and they identified the approachable leadership team, culture, compensation plan, and growth opportunities as the top reasons to join Hirewell.

Don’t believe us? Check out our reviews on Glassdoor!

How does Hirewell make sure to keep diversity in mind?

We know how important it is to always be listening and learning. We’ve partnered with our sister company Holistic, which provides fractional DEI services and people analytics to measure Employee Engagement and DEI. And we launched our own DEI committee here at Hirewell.

All employees are encouraged to join!

Early Career

What does training look like at Hirewell?

We believe becoming an expert in recruiting takes years. We invest a significant amount of time and effort into learning and development. We are continually evolving our onboarding and talent development function. We believe that hiring talented people and helping them fulfill their potential will continue to be the key to success for us.

How long do people usually stay in a junior recruiting role?

Different people progress at different speeds (and that’s ok!), but typically somewhere between 3-6 months.

What does future compensation look like?

You’ll have twice yearly reviews with your manager. Promotions and salary increases typically happen during the review period. We pride ourselves on a best in class compensation plan to constantly ensure top performers are paid at, or above, market rates.

I have less than a year of experience - am I qualified for a role?

Yes – Hirewell has been able to add more junior recruiter roles to the mix than ever before! We expect this to only be made easier as we build out a more robust training process.

Starting out in a junior recruiter role - are you in a sourcing position or more focused on building out a client portfolio?

Junior recruiters will start in a 3-6 month sourcing period in order to get acclimated to Hirewell and the market you’re now recruiting for. We typically like to see our junior recruiters identify 5-10 candidates that are successfully placed before promotion into a full-cycle recruiting role.


Do you provide parental leave? What does that look like?

For employees with the company for longer than a year, Primary Caregivers are given 12 weeks PTO at 100% salary. Secondary Caregivers are given 2 weeks of PTO.

What medical insurance provider does Hirewell use?

Hirewell offers multiple medical plan options through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois.

What else is included in Hirewell’s benefits?

  • We have a 401k plan through Principal. After one year of employment, Hirewell contributes 3% of total compensation into our employee’s retirement account.
  • We have vision and dental insurance through Delta Dental (PPO and HMO).
  • We offer Life Insurance and Long Term Disability insurance.

Are you flexible on hours? What are the general work hours?

Our standard business hours are 8:30-5:00 CT and no meetings are scheduled outside of those times. That said, we are very flexible as long as you’re getting your work done and hitting your goals – if you’re an early bird and your calendar permits, go ahead and sign up for that 4pm SoulCycle class.

What is the culture like in regards to PTO?

We offer unlimited PTO to our employees and our philosophy is: it’s there for a reason! Everyone needs and deserves some R&R every now and then. We also give employees PTO between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Are there any volunteer days or opportunities?

You bet! Hirewell has a DEI sub-committee dedicated to identifying local organizations to partner up with and support the community around us. We typically put together one to two volunteer and/or fundraising events each quarter.


I saw that Hirewell recently took on investment, can you tell me more?

We are excited about the next chapter in Hirewell’s evolution. Check out what our CEO said during this interview.

Who does sourcing at Hirewell?

Recruiters spend entirely too much time on sourcing. Our goal is to free up our recruiters so they can spend more time talking to candidates and helping clients make hires.


  • We value folks that can come in and create the perfect boolean search, but we’re also happy to train you on that.
  • We have developed our own AI sourcing technology that we leverage to automate this to free you up to chat with qualified candidates.
  • We also have an offshore team that help save time on the sourcing front.

Are you a full lifecycle recruiting shop? Can I manage accounts and recruit?

Yes! We pride ourselves in being a place where you can’t understand how to be an account manager unless you understand the market as a recruiter. Our entire team does both – recruiting and account management (unless of course you only want to recruit). We also compensate you for both. Wink.