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Aside from contingent recruiting, name a professional services sector that works for free. Maybe getting paid later.   I’ll wait.  
Job descriptions are boring. We all hate writing them. And we don’t like reading them much either.   But when it comes to attracting talent with job ads? Most recruiters still post the old JD. Kind of makes you wonder: is everyone just doing it all wrong?  
In this episode, Careerwell Co-founder Matt Massucci was joined by Thy Nguyen and Kem Onajole, of the Career Services Office at the Illinois Institute of Technology.  
Of all the professional topics that are being discussed in conjunction to COVID19, remote work flexibility sits at the very top of almost everyone's list.  
James Hornick and Matt Massucci have a discussion about the market thus far this year and what new trends are emerging. Salaries, in-demand jobs, work from home preferences, and even Hirewell's own growth. With the numbers to back it all up.   Topics include:
Going fully remote has it’s pros and cons. One big upside is the larger talent pool. Hire a bunch of niche skillsets? The whole world is your talent oyster.  
At the beginning of April we rang in Autism Awareness month with the first of what we hope will be many Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Series events.
Sometimes the best opportunities are staring you right in the face.