Jeff Smith


Technology Recruiting

Chicago, Illinois

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Ask Jeff what his favorite band is, and you’ll get a one-word answer: Phish. But ask what his favorite sports team is, and you’ll hear more than the team’s name. He gets specific: the 11-time Stanley Cup Champion Detroit Red Wings. The Michigan native is clearly proud of his team, and at work, he brings that same passion to solving complex problems for his clients.

Jeff strives to help good people find each other. He listens closely to each person (candidates, customers and potential clients), and believes that discovering what motivates them is crucial to solving each unique challenge. However, making that best match goes beyond serving the individual. It also helps the companies Jeff works with solve their bigger-picture business problems. And those successes at work fuel Jeff’s passions outside of work: concert going, vinyl record collecting, and cheering on the Red Wings.

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