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Hiring and Staffing Specialists

Since its inception in 2001, Hirewell has set out to redefine talent acquisition, consistently innovating and improving upon traditional recruitment practices to serve the modern world. What began with a small group of tech recruiters has expanded into a comprehensive network of recruitment consultants across various functions and industries, supported by cutting-edge recruiting technology. 

Hirewell is committed to cultivating an inclusive culture that values diversity and empowerment, attracting top recruitment talent by prioritizing respect, professionalism, and personality. Through strategic partnerships with companies like Evive and Duracell, Hirewell has proven its ability to build and support dynamic teams, driving growth and fostering innovation through a foundation of trust and transparency.

Living in Seattle

Seattle, located between the Puget Sound and lush green landscapes, is the largest city in Washington and Pacific Northwest. It offers an abundance of freshwater, saltwater, and diverse terrains that contribute to its nickname, the Emerald City.

The city is celebrated for its diverse population, leading to a rich variety of attractions, culinary delights, and cultural events. 

With its strong job market, particularly in the tech sector, and a commitment to arts and the outdoors, Seattle provides a fun environment for professionals, families, and nature enthusiasts alike. The city’s moderate climate, extensive parklands, and absence of state income tax further enhance its appeal, making it a compelling choice for those seeking a blend of city living and natural beauty.

Tailored Talent Solutions

Executive Recruitment

Our approach for Seattle companies blends speed and quality with a swift shortlisting process, under a 100-day hiring average, and a 92% two-year retention rate. We offer strategic recruitment, detailed analysis, and effective engagement strategies enhanced by our acquisition of TritonExec. This ensures access to top executive talent through a streamlined and impactful hiring process.

IT Staffing and Technology Recruiters 

With our profound domain expertise and innovative hiring processes, we’ve placed over 430 tech professionals in the last year alone, including engineers, product managers, and C-suite leaders across various sectors like SaaS and e-commerce. From designing custom recruitment strategies to leveraging our vast social media following for targeted campaigns, we ensure a high-touch execution that takes hiring off your plate and significantly enhances your recruitment processes. 

HR Excellence

Hirewell has a comprehensive approach to building People and Talent Acquisition teams; we’ve successfully placed over 127 talent acquisition recruiters and heads since 2021 and constructed 72 HR departments from scratch. 

Our process is deeply personalized, from designing recruitment strategies to thorough organizational reviews and competitive compensation benchmarking. Our commitment to your business’s growth and connection through strategic HR solutions sets us apart, making us your go-to partner for all HR hiring needs.

Sales Recruiting Solutions

Our experienced recruiters leverage their deep networks and insider knowledge to meet your hiring needs, offering quick access to top sales talent, including niche and location-specific requirements. 

With a track record of filling over 180 sales roles in the last year and an average placement time of just 21 days, our comprehensive approach includes tailored recruiting processes, organizational reviews, and competitive compensation analysis to ensure we connect you with talent that meets and exceeds your goals. 

Through our proprietary Rainmakers technology, we offer accelerated hiring solutions, making us a leader in efficiently establishing high-impact sales teams locally and internationally.

Top Marketing Talent

In Seattle, Hirewell is renowned for developing impactful marketing teams quickly and efficiently, from setting up entire departments to finding exceptional marketing leaders and creatives. Our expertise in the industry and extensive talent network enable us to form teams that deliver greater results together than individually. Achieving over 150 placements ranging from specialists to CMOs in just the last year, our tailored approach addresses your business’s specific needs. 

We streamline the hiring journey with strategic planning, organizational analysis, and proactive talent engagement, ensuring your marketing initiatives excel in Seattle’s booming market.

Finance Staffing Solutions

At Hirewell, we’re all about tailoring our finance staffing services to perfectly fit Seattle’s one-of-a-kind market. When you team up with us, you get the key to a treasure chest of top-tier finance pros who’ve passed our thorough vetting process with flying colors. 

We’re here to make sure you find candidates who aren’t just a match but who go above and beyond your expectations. 

Real Estate Executive Recruiting

Hirewell sets the standard in real estate recruiting, empowering your projects with teams that make a significant impact, guided by recruiters who are experts in the industry. We’re known for our swift and reliable delivery of top-notch talent for real estate development, ensuring your projects have the skilled professionals they need, from groundbreaking to completion.

With over 180 placements since 2022 and an average fill time of 25 days, our approach includes a thorough understanding of your business’s unique needs. 

Insurance Staffing

Hirewell stands out in insurance recruiting, simplifying the hiring process with our seasoned understanding of the industry. With 16 placements at a premier insurance company in 2022 and maintaining a perfect 5/5 G2 review rating, our commitment to delivering exceptional talent and overcoming hiring challenges is unmatched. 

Our method ensures that from the design of the recruiting process to onboarding, we’re not just filling positions but also enhancing your team’s capabilities and culture.

Supply Chain Expertise 

Hirewell is your go-to partner for supply chain and manufacturing recruitment. We’ve successfully filled over 400 manufacturing roles since 2022, specializing in connecting Seattle businesses with the skilled professionals they need—fast. 

Our process, fine-tuned to Seattle’s dynamic market, focuses on high-volume and leadership roles, filling positions like assembly line roles in as little as seven days. 

Our Solutions

In Seattle, Hirewell offers a comprehensive suite of recruitment services, from strategic HR advisory and executive search to flexible interim talent solutions and full-cycle Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), all powered by cutting-edge technology. Our services are designed to integrate top talent into local companies, enhancing their workforce efficiently and effectively through our proprietary platform.

Advisory Services for Seattle Businesses

Our advisory services are tailored to guide companies through strategic HR processes and talent acquisition with a consultative approach. We specialize in understanding your organization’s unique needs and seamlessly integrating top talent into your workforce, ensuring your HR strategies are planned and perfectly executed to support your business goals.

Recruitment Solutions

We offer comprehensive recruitment solutions for companies in Seattle, from burgeoning startups to established enterprises. Our executive search service is designed to find leaders who can bring your company’s vision to life. At the same time, our ability to scale teams rapidly can meet the demands of departmental or cross-functional growth. We also cater to the specific needs of key individual contributors, providing a personalized approach to fill those critical roles.

Interim Talent 

Our interim talent solutions provide Seattle companies with flexible contract and project-based staffing, whether you need fractional support or a fully dedicated team. We extend our expertise to embed HR and recruiting specialists directly into your team, seamlessly extending your workforce. Additionally, our contractor payroll services relieve you of the administrative hassle, allowing you to focus more on your core operations.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

For Seattle-based companies looking for outsourced or augmented recruiting solutions, our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) service offers a comprehensive solution for 12 to 36+ month engagements. We handle the recruiting tasks you’d rather not, from operational necessities to full-cycle recruitment, effectively becoming your Talent Acquisition department and ensuring a streamlined hiring process from start to finish.

Technology-Driven Hiring Experience

We’re redefining the hiring experience for Seattle’s businesses with our cutting-edge, proprietary platform. This modern approach utilizes next-gen AI to deliver exclusive candidates instantly, streamlines the hiring process with an all-digital experience, and provides unique candidate insights to inform your decisions. By enhancing employer brands with compelling profiles, we set a new benchmark for recruitment efficiency and effectiveness, positioning your company as a leader in the competitive Seattle market.

About Hirewell

Hirewell has been shaking things up in the talent acquisition world since 2001, taking a fresh and innovative approach to help businesses find the perfect match for their teams. What began with a passionate group of tech recruiters has grown into a diverse team of experts dedicated to filling roles across all sorts of industries, all while harnessing the power of our unique recruiting technology to meet the needs of today’s dynamic workplace.

At the heart of Hirewell is our vibrant culture, which draws in the best in the biz and creates an environment where professionalism meets personality. We’re all about building teams that bring something special to the table, championing diversity, equity, and inclusion every step of the way. 

Success Stories

Our client testimonials provide strong evidence of our exceptional abilities. Check out the feedback from satisfied clients across various industries, including a standout example from Duracell, where we helped recruit 128 key hires. 

These testimonials highlight the concrete results and illustrate how Hirewell achieves remarkable transformations through strategic talent acquisition.

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