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Attract and Keep Top Talent With These Cost-Effective Perks

What do employees want in order to join and stay with a company? Many people still think that pay is the only control you can exert over employee attraction and retention. 

5 In Demand Human Resources Jobs for 2017

Bill Gates, Vice President - HR & Admin Recruiting

Hirewell was recently named a winner of Owler’s 2016 HOT in Chicago Award, recognizing us as one of the most popular, top trending companies in Chicago.  Owler looked at over 32,000 companies in Chicago and chose Hirewell as one of its winners based on several different metrics, including social media followers, the number of followers on its platform, blog posts over the past year and insights collected from our community.

By Matt Maccussci

A great elevator pitch gives an overview of who you are and why someone should hire you.  It is the “what you do” speech, most often used in networking settings.  Since it’s the simplest and most powerful tool for any job seeker, you should be able to reel off your elevator pitch at any time - you never know who might be able to help you land your dream job!  You should also have a more detailed version to use in an actual interview - the reason you should be hired.

While the live, in-person interview is still far and away the preferred interview method for hiring companies, the video interview is becoming much more commonplace.  Hiring has become more global and with more employees working remotely, video interviewing is a way to expedite the interview process while keeping travel costs down and still allowing the interviewer to meet the candidates “face-to-face”.

Hirewell is proud to be headquartered in Chicago and proud of our Chicago Cubs!  Bring home the W tonight!!


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The Human Resources recruitment services practice is the cornerstone on which Hirewell was founded, and we are often asked for advice on expanding an HR department.  When it comes to what questions you should ask to during an interview to find your next HR professional, check out the quick list below for some ideas.

Interview questions to find your next HR leader:

Hirewell has enjoyed continued growth since we opened our doors in 2001, and we're once again looking for the next round of superstar recruiters to join the team! If you're ready to love your job, read on!

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