On-Demand Recruiting: The Quick, The Dirty, The Lowdown

So, what exactly is On-Demand Recruiting? It’s what you do when you have roles to fill, minimal funds to invest and you’re short on bandwidth.
Jan 23, 2019
Matt Massucci
Matt Massucci
Founder and Managing Partner
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Picture this, you’ve built an in-house HR team, but right now it’s overwhelmed, and your hiring demands ebb and flow, no wait, you haven’t built an in-house team yet, and you need help. The main point here is that regardless of your in-house HR and recruiting situation, there are times when you need more bandwidth and smart recruiting help to make the smart hires you want to make. Tapping into Contract Recruiters is something that companies have been doing for decades. Hirewell has leveraged our deep Talent Acquisition experience and network of Recruiting experts for a new twist on Contract Recruiting - On-Demand Recruiting. On-Demand recruiting provides access to the best recruiters based on what you need and when you need it. We’re proud to offer On-Demand Recruiting and if you’re wondering whether On-Demand is right for you, things to think about include:

  • Pros, Cons and On-Demand
  • Partnering, Augmentation and On-Demand
  • Process, Strategy and On-Demand

On-Demand recruiting is about access, the question is whether you know what you want and why?

The Pros of On-Demand Recruiting

The pros of On-Demand Recruiting include:

Minimal Investment
The investment is minimal, the price point starts around $75/hour for a full-cycle recruiter (less for sourcing or a coordinator) - less if you are open to a remote resource. Plus, you not only engage in On-Demand for as little time as you need to engage in it, with the minimum duration between two to four weeks, but you can start and stop it based on when you actually need to start and stop it.

Quick Ramp-up
You can also quickly ramp-up your hiring with On-Demand, augmenting your team with experts who have both the domain experiences you need and experience across the range of recruiting specialties.

The Cons of On-Demand Recruiting

The Cons of On-Demand are straight forward, you’re basically getting one person, and while you’re increasing your bandwidth, if you don't have a strong recruiting process or infrastructure for this person to plug into, or someone to manage, it can be less effective.

How On-Demand Works

Now that you understand the pros and cons of On-Demand Recruiting, let’s review how it works.

Partnering & Augmentation

On-Demand offers you the chance to augment your existing team with specific experience, ranging from Sourcing, Coordination or, as discussed in our “You Need to Start Hiring, You Also Need to Know What That Means” post, Full-Cycle Recruiting.

Process & Strategy

Choosing On-Demand does not immediately solve all of your recruiting problems. If you don’t have a proven recruiting process, you’ll need someone to help design a sound hiring strategy. The point, is that all of this effort needs to be well defined if you are going with the On-Demand offering. On-Demand works when the process and the infrastructure are there, and you need to plug in a handful of resources.

Whether you’re augmenting your team for a brief spike in hiring or something longer, the process must still be strategic, defined and executed by all involved.

Final Thoughts

On-Demand recruiting provides access to the best recruiters based on what you need and when you need it. But knowing what you need and when you need it requires you to:

  1. Take the time to define your business need, the roles you have to fill and the skills that are required for these roles.
  2. Ensure you understand the Pros and Cons of using On-Demand recruiting.
  3. Be prepared to bring on one-person who will have the experience you need, will augment your team, and help you manage your hiring spikes.

Hirewell is Your Partner to Help You Make The Best Hires for Your Organization

We’re here to provide you with the knowledge and support you need to make smart decisions regarding On-Demand Recruiting.  

Matt Massucci
Matt Massucci
Founder and Managing Partner

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