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When 2020 began, we had 2.5% unemployment and contract-to-hire was (unofficially) dead.  
"Stay in your lane!”- the Internet rallying cry when people venture a little off the path.  
HR isn’t recruiting. Recruiting isn’t HR. And pretty much everyone in those fields would agree.
  While organizations and individuals can close a few deals on LinkedIn, it’s oftentimes done at the expense of something more important: their credibility.
The 10 Minute Talent Rant is back! In episode 2, James Hornick and Jeff Smith take on the age-old job seeker question: What's With All the Fake Job Postings?
  James Hornick is joined by Asfa Malik (VP Learning & Development, Diversity & Inclusion and Leadership Development at the Addison Group)  
The Employer Content Show, hosted by James Hornick and Nate Guggia is another regular segment in the Talent Insight series, that focuses on best practices for how employers can communicate with employees, job seekers, and other stakeholders.
Welcome to the first episode of the 10 Minute Talent Rant! James Hornick and Jeff Smith will talk about the how and why people - both job seekers and hiring companies - react negatively to feedback and what people need to do to get over it.