Your office is opening, are your employees coming with you? - Talent Insights [Ep 46]

May 19, 2021
Don Effler
Don Effler
Lead Recruiter

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It is mid-Q2 and a sense of normalcy is on the horizon. Spring weather is here and the US is reopening. What does that mean for your standard office culture and workplace? Remote work has been the norm over the past 14 months. Employees know their routines and how to be productive. They love flexible schedules, working from home, and remote roles. Our most recent survey shows that more than 80% want to return 3 days per week (or less). 


35% of companies we polled have adopted a remote-first policy. What does that mean for companies that are opening back up their offices? What is your company doing? What do your employees want? These questions are important to ask in an evolving market for talent. 


Listen to your employees. Have a plan. Remove ambiguity. Communicate with internal and prospective employees. Have you asked your employees? If not, you better. Feel free to send our survey to your team. You’ll be able to see what your team thinks.  And how they compare to the broader population. 


That will help keep you ahead of the curve. Companies must ensure their employees want to come back. Or be ready if they don’t. Matt Tokarz and Don Effler discussed these challenges. How candidates' expectations have changed and what employers need to do about it.


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Don Effler
Don Effler
Lead Recruiter

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