Recruiting Technology is Not Solving Real Problems - The Employer Content Show [Ep 7]

Nov 11, 2020
James Hornick

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"This Monster site is going to put the recruiting industry out of business!"


-Hot take from 1995 that didn’t age well


Recruiting technology will soon be a $10 billion dollar industry. Applicant tracking systems, recruitment marketing platforms, automation outreach software...there's an endless list of next-gen tech with VC backing that promises to make hiring as easy as a few clicks.


Yet the talent acquisition is still painful for most organizations. Most companies struggle to hire. Poor candidate experience and disjointed interview processes are often the norm. So why is all this money spent on improved recruiting tech consistently missing the mark?

Nate Guggia and James Hornick did a deep dive into the state of recruiting tech in Episode 7 of the Employer Content Show “Recruiting Technology is Not Solving Real Problems”.


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James Hornick

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