Podcast: Viewer Mailbag Edition

The Employer Content Show
Dec 3, 2020
James Hornick

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Nate Guggia and James Hornick have had a blast making The Employer Content Show in 2020. The way the calendars have aligned, they’ve got 1 episode left this year, so they want to put it in the viewers’ hands.


Episode 8, the Viewer Mailbag Edition, will be a Q&A of questions supplied by you. So far they’ve received questions about a variety of employer brand, recruitment marketing, and talent acquisition topics, including:


  • How can companies build their recruiting pipeline during the holidays?
  • How can you stir up employee engagement with your content initiatives? How do you position employer brand after an internal crisis?
  • How can you address ageism in your recruiting efforts?
  • Is employer brand effective if it doesn’t match the real culture?


If you have questions you’d like to hear them address, reach out to james@hirewell.com, they’d be happy to cover it.


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