Salary Trends for the Hottest Roles in Marketing

Your guide to making sense of the current salary data across the Marketing sector.
Jun 20, 2019
Dawn Maragos
Dawn Maragos
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Tracking salary trends is important for companies and  job seekers. Yet, doing so becomes increasingly difficult as the digital world evolves. With the rapid pace of change, it is hard to find reliable salary data. 
Job Seekers have the upper hand right now, especially when it comes to Marketing talent. Unemployment is low, and businesses are hustling to transform their digital operations. But while job seekers definitely want to know their worth, companies must also know what to expect to pay for these positions.

It’s not easy to standardize so many data points across industries and experience levels. To deal with this challenge, we’ve developed a tool to aggregate public-facing salary information with our own data, which we collect from over 500 individual surveys with job seekers and more than 200 marketing hires that we have facilitated. And with this data in hand, we can discuss what we’re seeing across the Marketing sector, as well as salary ranges for the top positions in Marketing.

This helps all of us make informed decisions. It also helps us help you.   

What We're Seeing in Marketing

Twenty years ago defining marketing was less tangible. It was a lot more fluff. Today, marketing drives business. It’s measurable now. Still, it’s a newer space and there’s a discrepancy in defining new roles.

Identifying someone in marketing as a manager is not necessarily about managing people, but managing a function. Someone working on Demand Generation is focused on getting people into the sales funnel. Product Marketers are working directly with the sales team and talking to the customers later on in the funnel. 

A Digital Marketing Manager can be a specialist or an all-encompassing generalist role that ties many digital functions together, potentially combining SEM, SEO, social media and User Experience. 

Additionally, Director, Vice President or Head of Marketing titles can be interchangeable and could all fit the same profile depending on the size of the company hiring.

Salary Trends for the Hottest Roles in Marketing

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Final Thoughts

Marketing candidates need to know their worth—and so do the companies hiring them. We’re about transparency, setting expectations and making sound decisions. Yet, while marketing drives business now, there’s still gray areas in defining roles. 

Hirewell is Your Partner in Understanding the Current Salary Trends for the Roles Your Organization is Looking to Fill

We’re also here to provide you with the insights you need to make smart decisions.

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Finally, our data is specific to Chicago, but if you want to compare data in Chicago to other cities, we recommend you visit Nerdwallet’s cost of living calculator.  

Dawn Maragos
Dawn Maragos

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