What New Skills Should Marketers Focus On Developing in 2020 to Set Themselves Apart?

Jan 2, 2020
Richard Maltz

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In today's world, it's important to stay on top of trends especially as a marketer. Digital is a fast-paced, ever-changing landscape. We asked a few of our clients what new skill they think marketers should develop in 2020. We hope these insights are helpful, take a look. 


"In 2020, a marketer who wants to set herself apart should build true skills in data. Before that sounds like too broad of a buzzword, I'll be specific: anyone who can use R, Python, SQL, ETLs, and BI tools like Tableau (or is actively improving those skills) is truly differentiated. As much as everyone wants per channel ROI and attribution, the reality of the world is multi-touch and multi-device, so people stand out if they can create data visualizations with data sources from different platforms. 

For people earlier in their career, it's surprising that candidates for digital marketing positions can still stand out by being Facebook Blueprint certified, GA certified, and Google Ads certified." 

Chris Madden  |  Co-Founder 




"Marketers should learn the basic of artificial intelligence in 2020. It could be both a threat and an opportunity for their business. Knowing how wide this field is and how the different technologies actually work will help tell fact from fiction." 

Thibaud Denolle   |  Director of Innovation & Marketing 




"For the past 10 years or so, data-driven marketing has been in full swing, yet learning how to use MarTech is not a common part of Marketing curriculums. So, it's always good to do some research on these in your spare time. Get and maintain your certifications in the Google suite, marketing automation platforms, webinar tools, event platforms, and analytics systems. Try out freemium systems to send out a personal/family holiday party email. Volunteer your marketing skills for a volunteer-based non-profit organization that may use different tools than you're used to. Getting to know and understand how systems implementations work is always helpful as well, since understanding how things work and what the technical capabilities (or limitations are) will drive your creativity and help make campaign activation much more effective. These skills are table-stakes for nearly any marketing role, and being a master of them will certainly set you apart in 2020." 

Kim Dazey  |   Head of Marketing




"A skill I think marketers wouldn’t think pertains to them, but is extremely valuable, is user experience (UX). While user experience typically pertains primarily to digital experiences and web development, having a user or customer focused mindset helps you market to your audience much more effectively. Along the same lines, understanding and practicing design thinking works towards the same goal." 

Oliver Gunanto  |  Director of IT Program Management 

Brookfield Properties




"I would say, employers are looking for strong work ethic and passion first and foremost. Skills can be taught.

Roles evolve and change, as companies do so we, we need people that can evolve and change too. Not just someone only willing to do the work on a list but to feel the needs of the business and continually learn and evolve themselves as well. Not afraid to take on a new challenge and learn along the way." 

Kristy O'Neil  |   Digital Marketing Manager

Pampered Chef



If you have any questions or insights on skill sets that can help marketers set themselves apart, feel free to reach me at dawn@hirewell.com. 


Richard Maltz

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