Podcast: Hiring a CXO - What to Ask Before You Start

With Jeff Smith and James Hornick
Feb 28, 2020
James Hornick

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Making the wrong hire for any position in your business is bad, but making the wrong hire for an executive position can be disastrous. When small and mid-sized businesses — especially those in growth mode — need to hire, they may be treading into uncharted waters, if they’ve never hired for the C-suite before.

Businesses can struggle to fill that C-level position effectively—especially if companies haven’t laid the groundwork for what the business needs.

In this episode, podcast host James Hornick and Hirewell partner Jeff Smith discuss:


  • Identifying the real business need for hiring the CXO

  •  Deciding which qualities and experiences are most critical for addressing the challenge

  • Integrating a new position into the organization



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James Hornick

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