Podcast: Vetting on Skill & Cultural Fit (Not Salary History)

With Ryan Brown and James Hornick
Oct 31, 2019
James Hornick

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Hirewell partner James Hornick, talks with Hirewell Senior Recruiter and Account Manager Ryan Brown about the hiring and recruiting environment now that the Illinois No Salary History Law is in effect. We’re in favor of the law because it’s good for candidates and reduces salary inequalities that can chase people for their entire careers. But because we now have one less metric to factor into the hiring process, we all have to get better at what we do and hone our hiring game. This may not be easy for those of you doing this on your own. 

Fortunately, you have this episode of the podcast at your service.

This conversation focuses on the importance of knowing what you’re hiring for. For example, is it an executional or leadership position? Do you work in a structured or unstructured environment? Are you looking at hard versus soft requirements, and are the hard requirements truly hard requirements at all? James and Ryan also discuss how to vet candidates and which questions to ask. 

This is a great conversation and we’re excited to share it with you.     

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