Podcast: Hiring in a Fully Remote World

With Special Guest, Ron Wilson, CEO of interviewstream
Jun 4, 2020
James Hornick

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The world got used to working from home, real quick. But now companies are faced with the next challenge: how do we interview and hire, at scale?

Interviewing and hiring, in normal times, can be challenging. Companies can take years to refine their processes and best practices, only to find themselves now in a fully remote situation they didn’t anticipate. Many have had to quickly go back to the drawing board.

Hirewell Partner James Hornick  is joined by Ron Wilson, CEO of interviewstream. Ron has over 25 years of experience in a wide variety of functions – operations, sales, management consulting, IT, accounting & finance. At interviewstream, he’s dedicated to helping organizations make their hiring and recruiting processes more effective through the use of a complete interviewing platform including interview prep (for hiring managers and candidates), guide building, scheduling, and video interviews so he has significant insights into what companies can do to move forward and be successful.


They discuss: 

  • How the business climate has changed for remote recruiting
  • What successful companies are doing to push forward in their hiring initiatives
  • Best practices for hiring for companies new to the remote world
  • What lasting impacts we’ll see in interviewing, even as some begin returning to offices



Connect with James Hornick and Ron Wilson

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