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Hirewell partner James Hornick is joined by special guest, Courtney Henderson, the Diversity & Learning and Development Lead at FCB Chicago. Courtney has a strong Diversity & Inclusion background, operating both Human Resources and Talent Acquisition area.  
Hirewell partner James Hornick talks with Stephanie Benavidez, the Senior Director of Sales Enablement at WellRight. Her deep experience in sales management and hiring within sales has allowed her to find top candidates for all levels of the organization.   
Hirewell partners James Hornick and Jeff Smith talk with Stephanie Mercado, Executive Director/CEO at the National Association for Healthcare Quality (NAHQ).
Hirewell partner James Hornick talks with Eugene Khazin, Principal at Prime TSR, a growing Chicago-based technology modernization consultancy.
Hirewell partner James Hornick talks with Kim Dazey, Head of Marketing at Practifi, a Chicago-based, financial advising software company. Kim has built and managed numerous successful marketing teams throughout her career.
January is one of the busiest months for job searches. It’s no wonder, as people return to work after the holidays and think about making a fresh start. This month’s podcast is especially timely with three insightful topics for both job fillers and job seekers.
It's the end of the decade. That's hard to believe—and even harder to believe that just 10+ years ago, the Great Recession forced all of us to dig deep to find new growth opportunities. The recruiting world—including our world at Hirewell—has changed tremendously since then.
Hirewell partner James Hornick talks with Speaker, Startup Founder and Revenue Consultant - Ashley Quinto Powell. Ashley is an accomplished speaker who focuses in a variety of areas, perhaps most notably salary negotiation.

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