Kristen Roach


Real Estate Recruiting

Winston Salem, NC



Kristen Roach joined the Hirewell team in 2023, specializing in anything and everything Real Estate. Hailing from the charming town of Lexington, North Carolina, Kristen lives in the city of the famous Lexington-style BBQ. In her role as a recruiter, Kristen finds her motivation in building partnerships and making powerful connections. She takes immense satisfaction in the knowledge that her work has the power to transform lives.

Since joining Hirewell, Kristen has embraced every opportunity as a thrilling adventure, firmly believing the sky’s the limit. Outside the office, Kristen enjoys being outdoors and cherishing moments spent with her lively toddler. She also indulges her creativity by refinishing furniture, a passion that adds vibrant colors to her life.

Fun fact, she used to be a ghostwriter for a renowned author!

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