Managed Recruiting Program

A strategic and holistic approach to hiring top talent quickly

A powerful tool for hiring many people (five to 20+ hires) for a variety of positions in a short amount of time, our Managed Recruiting Programs (MRP) are designed to:

  • Help organizations work through a transformation quickly and easily
  • Provide an outsourced recruitment program for an organization’s entire enterprise
  • Become the recruiting resource for small businesses that do not have a talent acquisition program

MRPs provide benefits beyond cost efficiency

With an MRP, you pay a set monthly fee. There are no hidden costs, and the entire plan is customized to your strategic goals and unique business needs. The MRP process ensures we’re working together to make the right hires for your organization.

When you choose our MRP approach, you receive:

  • A strategic plan that identifies your objectives, assesses the type of roles you need to fill and provides a recommendation for the number of hires needed to fill those roles
  • You’re looking to automate marketing as well as pick up new clients. We’ll assess if you need one person, two people or more to make it happen.
  • A customized, flexible and measurable plan for recruiting quickly and efficiently
  • A dedicated team of expert recruiters, including a dedicated recruiting lead who will get to know your company’s culture, processes and tendencies; this person will act as a consulting and recruiting arm to your organization
  • A cost-effective solution to fill roles quickly with quality talent that fit for your organization

Why you’ll achieve success with our MRPs

We act as a chameleon and customize our approach to your organization’s culture. Doing so enables us to think strategically and find the right people quickly. We do that by embedding ourselves into your culture, constantly reminding ourselves that that are human beings on both sides of the matches we make.

Let’s start growing your company

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