A strategic approach helps a leader in cloud infrastructure and hosting solutions centralize their talent acquisition efforts.

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Ntirety is a leader in managed cloud infrastructure and application hosting solutions for asset-lite, mid-market and e-commerce organizations. Its team of engineers in North America and Europe delivers reliable, secure and scalable hosting solutions to more than 500,000 customers across six geographically diverse data centers.

We were retained by Ntirety to manage their North American talent acquisition efforts through our Managed Recruiting Program (MRP). They had previously been relying on search firms and its internal HR team to manage hiring.

On their own, Ntirety was unable to secure the right talent.

Ntirety did not have the bandwidth to handle the hiring volume, and its hiring managers were not seeing the necessary candidates to make timely hiring decisions. With offices spread across six locations in the United States and Canada, decentralization added another layer of complexity.

Implementing a systematic approach to talent acquisition

We allocated a team out of Ntirety’s Chicago office to manage all hiring in the United States and Canada. Weekly conference calls with Corporate HR and hiring managers ensured that all parties knew about changing priorities and advancements. This meant that recruiting efforts were efficient and stayed on track.

A significant number of hires made in a short amount of time

45 Hires

18 Months

Multiple Roles Filled

Ntirety saw improved recruiting metrics across the board, including reduced time-to-hire, significant reduction in the use of outside search firms and an average of four candidates interviewed per role. We made 45 hires in 18 months, across multiple functions including IT, Sales, Marketing and Leadership roles.

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