Powering up a brand new, 39-person IT team for a household name during a significant merger and acquisition

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The Marmon Group, part of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., is a global, diversified industrial organization.

Duracell products power countless devices that people use to stay connected, protect their families and simplify their mobile lifestyles. As the world's largest battery company with more than $2 billion in annual sales, Duracell is a trusted household name.

After acquiring Duracell from Proctor & Gamble in 2015, the Marmon Group retained us to manage the recruitment process for the build-out of a new, 39-person IT organization. A full-time, on-site Hirewell resource enabled all parties to identify issues and sprint towards resolutions collaboratively in real time.

The streamlined partnership between all levels of Marmon stakeholders and Hirewell resulted in comfortable, transparent and predictable processes for our candidates and a great recruiting and employer brand strategy for the client.

Eleven months to develop and facilitate a recruitment plan

We were challenged to achieve three goals in 11 months:

  1. Define the recruitment process
  2. Facilitate organizational design
  3. Hire 27/28 roles

Finding success by building trust and communication

We had to quickly gain the trust of the new Global IT Leader of Duracell, as this resource would be the major stakeholder for the rest of the project. To do so, we embedded a full-time, on-site Hirewell recruiter into the Marmon/Duracell offices to ensure constant feedback loops and real-time issue resolution.

Working with the global IT leader, Marmon HR and Marmon Finance, we developed an organizational design, compensation structure and recruitment and interview processes for the IT organization. This included:

  • Interview team assignments
  • Strategies
  • Offer negotiations and offer approvals through Marmon HR

We developed marketing collateral, job descriptions and offer cadence to attract best-in-class talent, and Duracell retained the descriptions for later use.

A world-class IT team in place on time and within budget

27 Roles Filled
96.4% Acceptance Rate
Completed in 11 Months

Of the 28 roles allocated to Hirewell, we successfully filled 27 with no attrition, for an acceptance rate of 96.4 percent. The project was such a success that Duracell also enlisted Hirewell to recruit and fill a role within their Finance group.

The Duracell/Hirewell partnership resulted in accomplishing equipping the business with best-in-class IT talent within timelines and budget constraints. Ongoing discussions continue about how we can be of assistance to Duracell in the future.

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