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Jul 24, 2019

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Why I decided to join Hirewell

I've spent the last 6+ years (my entire career) in corporate HR and Recruiting roles - always as an HR Generalist.  While I enjoyed the work I was doing, and found myself in either innovative SAAS driven organizations or start-ups, I constantly felt that I wanted to do something large. I wanted something greater than just touching the internal 100-200 employees that I worked with on a day-to-day. I wanted to make a bigger impact. This led me to my role at Hirewell, where I now have the opportunity to work with HR professionals across the entire Chicagoland area!


Getting to learn people’s stories and understand the reasoning behind the decisions they’ve made in the past allows me to coach on best practices and play up their strengths. Thus, being able to land candidates with amazing opportunities where they are able to grow in their career and in their happiness as well - what’s more exciting than that?!


My passion has always been helping people, after majoring in Psychology from the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), I decided against my original plan of becoming a Psychologist/Therapist and decided to go to graduate school to study people in the workplace instead. I chose The Chicago School of Professional Psychology to pursue a Master's degree in Industrial/Organizational (I/O) Psychology. While there, I learned the importance of having an engaged and satisfied workforce to increase a company’s bottom line. Once companies truly understand this, they can work towards improving engagement through collecting internal data and analyzing what’s necessary for enhancement whether it's training, career development opportunities, etc.


Combining my passion and learnings into my career 

Once I graduated and joined the workforce, I also learned that hiring the right employees is just as important, arguably more, to a company’s bottom-line. Organizations work towards creating high engagement and high satisfaction cultures internally and hiring the perfect fit will help create that. It’s important for organizations to find someone who aligns where both the company and the new hire are at right now as well as where they want to be within the next 2 years. This in turn reduces regrettable turnover, drives employee retention and an ultimately high-performance team. 


The philosophy I practice at Hirewell is getting to the core of understanding what someone is truly motivated by and where they’ve performed their best at work. If their motivation drivers are lacking in their current role - it might be time to start exploring other opportunities. I understand that people find change difficult, some more than others. That is why I work with people to build a partnership that them so that I can identify what’s lacking for them and find an opportunity with the organization that perfectly fits in with what they want. 



My question to you is this: why be disengaged or miss out on opportunities to grow and enhance your career? Happy to have a conversation at any point to truly understand what you are seeking next in your career and help you get there. 


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