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UI Engineer

Chicago, IL
Salary Range : $0

Job Description

Our client is seeking qualified software developers to join its professional design and development practice. They are seeking various levels of experience and expertise, but prefer mid-to senior-level experience in prospective candidates. Developers contribute through a variety of aspects to support their development projects: Sprint Planning, Requirements & Documentation, Testing and Test Authoring, Software and Systems Design, Architectural planning, Implementation, Research and Prototyping, Bug Fixing, Operational Support and Collaboration, Client discussions and presentation of work, and Mentoring & Pairing with other team members.


Basic Requirements

They prefer candidates who hold a BS/BA in Computer Science & Engineering or Mathematics, but will consider those who have proven job experience or expertise. Candidates will be required to undergo a technical interview and possibly a computer programming exercise based on their experience.


Languages, Frameworks & Skills

They focus on well-rounded Agile team members. In general, they are a polyglot team that adopts practices, languages, frameworks and styles which are most productive, stable and maintainable. They currently develop in the following languages and frameworks:


• Ruby: Ruby on Rails, RubyMotion, PhoneGap

• ObjectiveC: iOS, Mac OS X

• Javascript/Coffeescript: EmberJS, JQuery

• Java: Android, Server-side Components


• Unix/Linux: Shell Scripting

• Git


Company Description
Small teams work on various custom designed development projects which support new businesses and new business processes and systems. Team members are mature and keep an open dialog on all aspects of the profession. They are Agile, and adopt whichever practices are most practical and reasonable. Retrospectives and Technical Talks are held on a regular basis. They typically run 1-2 week release cycles

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