Temp to Hire House Manager

Westmont, IL


Pay: $/hr

Assistant House Manager
Location: Hinsdale, IL & Westmont, IL
Reports to: Director of Residences

Company Overview:
A private family office that serves the financial and personal needs of a single multigenerational family on a confidential basis. We are a 19-person team that supports the individual and common interests of the family as they pursue their charitable, financial, and personal endeavors. The right candidate will thrive in our environment, which is service-oriented and highly professional, while informal and friendly. The office culture is dynamic and will provide a wide diversity of experiences and challenges for the candidate.

Position Overview
The Assistant House Manager will work under the direction of the Director of Residences, for one household owning multiple properties, in a temporary role with the potential to transition into a permanent position.

The ideal candidate will be expected to have excellent organizational and technology skills, the ability to multi-task and think proactively, and the ability to exercise discretion and confidentiality with highly sensitive and personal information. This candidate will be accountable for house management, light housekeeping, personal concierge services, grocery shopping, food preparation (as needed), and other projects. The role requires a broad knowledge of home systems and property management and exceptional attention to detail.
Responsibilities shall include, but are not limited to:
• Administrative support (50%)
o Manage digital and hard copies of files, data, and contacts for household operations
o Collaborate on schedule and calendar appointments
o Manage product research, personal shopping, and returns
o Proactively manage prescriptions and supplements (inventory, ordering, and pickups)
o Manage calendars for guest and cleaning services to other properties
o Review and organize vendor proposals and invoicing for approval
o Update and maintain household operations procedural documentation (e.g., opening/closing procedures)
• Personal support and household management (50%)
o Manage day-to-day tasks of the Housekeeper ensuring cleaning protocols are followed and providing backup coverage for the Housekeeper and light housekeeping when needed
o Work with the Housekeeper on managing clothing needs, including dry cleaning, packing for trips, unpacking, and seasonal closet rotations, as well as other organizational projects within the primary residence
o Manage personal and household inventories and purchase items when needed
o Facilitating the maintenance of the primary residence’s mechanical systems and vehicles
o Purchase, arrange, and care for interior floral arrangements and plants
o Work with Partner on technology needs (TVs, printers, iPads, etc.)
o Assist with yearly/seasonal projects at residences
o Personal shopping and handling any returns
o Prepare occasional, simple meals and manage produce when the Housekeeper is not available
o Courteously answer phone and door
o Collaborate and coordinate for visit prep, maintenance, and special projects for out-of-state residences

Position Requirements

Educational requirements:
A bachelor’s degree or some college preferred

Years of experience:
3+ years of experience as a personal or administrative professional or similar role

Preferred qualifications:
• Computer savvy with skills in Microsoft Office, knowledgeable of both PC and Mac Operating Systems; experience using Trello, Sortly, and Monday.com is a plus
• Ability to exercise discretion and confidentiality with highly sensitive and personal information
• Strong desire to work in the private service sector or house management
• Positive attitude and professional demeanor
• Strong work ethic and highly responsive, with exceptional attention to detail
• Ability to communicate and prioritize activities with multiple teams
• Strong written and verbal communication skills
• Excellent organizational skills and resourcefulness
• Ability to multi-task and think proactively
• Able to lift at least 50 pounds

• A clean valid Driver’s License
• Background and reference checks required
• As this position will be asked to handle finances and credit as part of this job, each qualified candidate will be asked to authorize a credit review, in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The results of this review, which will be conducted at the employer’s expense, will have a bearing on the final selection process.
• Legally able to work within the United States
• Excellent professional references

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