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Data System Integrator

Salary Range : $130,000

Data System Integrator


Under general direction of the Data Informatics Section Chief, develops, designs, and develops integrative procedures of highly complex statewide data from public health systems; maintains and develops data informatics reports and dashboards on health status, needs, and disease occurrence; coordinates as data informatics liaison with other programs in Department; performs data imports and other routine data integration tasks; coordinates responses to data requests; designs and conducts evaluation of system integration and operations to facilitate continuous quality improvement; develops and updates written policies and procedures related to data systems and evaluation.


  • Develops, designs, and conducts data integration solutions of multiple disparate statewide data sources from public health surveillance systems; cleans, merges, organizes, and manages data from multiple sources, including transferring data to reporting database systems; performs data validation and complex data analysis; provides Section staff with areas of program improvement and quality control of reporting through data, reports, and recommendations.
  • Applies data management best practices in combination with data technology to implement the public health architecture vision. Organizes data at the macro and micro levels and maintains master data. Supports continued development and expansion of the contact tracing Salesforce application and IDPH Data Hub for aggregation of additional public health datasets. Creates data models and diagrams showing key data entities. Creates an inventory of the data needed to implement the architecture vision, responds to ad-hoc data requests from partner, Department staff, media organizations, and the general public.
  • Coordinates as a programmatic data support liaison with Office staff, Department programs, and partners; coordinates data integration activities to promote systematic data approaches for improved performance on health status, needs, and disease occurrence in Illinois.
  • Prepares and documents evaluation findings; interprets and communicates findings to policy makers, Department staff, and local health department staff; participates in the dissemination of evaluation findings and the application and translation of best practices for health status, needs, and disease occurrence, prevention, and intervention.
  • Provides data and interpretation for Department planning needs and reports; assists in tabulating and analyzing performance measure data and sets performance targets for the purpose of monitoring and evaluation.
  • Reviews and annually updates data informatics and evaluation protocols and procedures; provides technical consultative support to local and state agencies and programs.




  • Requires possession of a Bachelor’s degree in epidemiology, public health, , computer science, engineering or a related area.
  • Requires strong analytical skills and at least four years of experience developing data integration solutions.  Requires experience with MSSQL, SSIS, ETL design, development, architecture and implementing data warehouse data marts.
  • Requires proficiency with data manipulation, data integration design and development.
  • Experience with Salesforce applications is preferred.
  • Familiarity with one or more public health datasets is preferred.
  • Requires strong written and oral communication skills.
  • Requires strong interpersonal skills to collaborate effectively in teams and with multiple stakeholders.

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