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515 E. Jefferson CPurrent
48109 Ann Arbor , MI
United States
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3 years 10 months
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+1 734 7647460
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Lotta Skills CPurrent Address: 515 E. Jefferson, Ann Arbor MI 48109 ePrmhaonent Addre s: XYZ Street K al amazoo , MI 4904 8 e: (734) 764 -7460 Email: brad+quickapply-test@edigitalstudios.com EDUCATION U B n a iversity of Michigan chelor of Arts in Political Science and English • O verall GPA: 3.3/4.0 • Balanced part-time work with full -time academics International Sustainable Development Institute 6 month experiential learning program including coursework and cultural immersion • Actively engaged with host famil ies in rural and urban areas developing cross -cultural communication skills • Conducted independent study on culture and sustainable foods sources Ann A M rb a o y r 2 , 0 M x I x Thailand August 20xx - February 20xx RELATED EXPERIENCE Communit Dance M y ar O at u hon tre at ch the Ch U a n i i r versity of Michigan Raised over $500,000 through broad marketing campaign targeting businesses across the state. Planned and implemented over 15 community events to educate children and adults about our mission. Worked with K -12 students throughout the state to foster student leadership through the Mini Marathon program. Increased publicity through local media outlets ranging from community newsletters to radio stations. Ann Arbor, MI September 20xx - Present A P ctive Member rison Creative Arts P roject Collaborated one -on-one with an incarcerated youth to form a creative writing portfolio for ptrhesaetntr ation to prison, school and community officials . Facilitated a dance workshop and e workshop to build self -efficacy through the arts. Developed group facilitation and team-building skills through coursework training. Ann Arbor, MI September 20xx - Present C U o M mmunications and Donor Relations Intern Development Summer InterPnrshogirp am Created a set of educational tools for donors and gift officers to facilitate building relationships and increas ing financial gifts. Collaborated with an advisory team of . deEvenhalonpmced ent officers and used their input to draft text about university giving options professional writing skills and public speaking by presenting project to entire U -M Development community. Ann Arbo, rMI M ay 20xx - August 20xx T v h estigative Intern e C riminal Law Internship P rogram /The Public Defender Service Conducted pre-trial investigations by photographing crime scenes, interviewing witnesses, taking statements, and serving subpoenas. Gained exposure to the criminal justice system and the Superior Court system by observing court proceedings in juvenile and adult court. Washington, DC M ay 20xx - August 20xx CAMPUS INVOLVEMENT Vice ActPivre sMidembnPtroegr r/ ammin / D g elta Gamm a Fraternity Kappa Alpha Pi Pre-Law F raternity Selected Participant / Public Service Internship Programs In .

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