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How to approach compensation conversations during the interview process

By James Hornick Partner - IT & Digital Recruiting The candidate whose primary objective in looking for another opportunity is to find a better compensation package often sets off alarms to a hiring authority; and it should. Yet compensation in any new job is important. Money is why most work and one certainly doesn’t want to leave money on the negotiation table. The question from an employer, “What will it take to bring you on...Read On >

Selecting and executing references

You nailed the interview and now it’s time to present your references. Some companies will use your references briefly, like to confirm that the positions and dates in your work history are accurate, while others may dive into a deep conversation about your skills and performance. Since you don’t know which path your future employer will take, you must adequately prepare. Be sure not to trip up this close to the finish line with these...Read On >

How to get the most out of working with recruiters

A good recruiter can be an invaluable partner throughout your career. Whether you are actively seeking a change or happily employed, it is valuable to work with recruiters as they can keep you in mind for career-advancing opportunities you would miss on your own. Recruiters can offer guidance in every step of the process – from resume tips (check out Hirewell's HR & IT resumes tips), contacting the company through interview tips and offer negotiation...Read On >
2015 Chicago tech job salary guide: How does your salary stack up?

2015 Chicago tech job salary guide: How does your salary stack up?

Garrett Reim Built in Chicago 2.15.15 Before we dive into the employee descriptions and salary ranges, here are three tips for negotiating salary from partner and co-founder Matt Massucci of Hirewell, a Chicago-based recruiting firm. When negotiating salary, companies take several factors into consideration: current compensation your skills and experience how your skills and experience line up with the existing team how your skills line up with the overall market (other offers you've received) Honesty...Read On >

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