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Recruitin’ Ain’t Easy: An Interview with Frank Nicolia of Hirewell

Recently, Hirewell's Frank Nicolia sat down with G2 Crowd to discuss how he finds best-in-class talent for his clients, how Hirewell is different than other agencies and his best tips for anyone considering a new job. Take a look at the full interview below: Recruitin’ Ain’t Easy: An Interview with Frank Nicolia of Hirewell Since beginning his recruiting career in Connecticut 14 years ago, Frank Nicolia has placed hundreds of candidates at every possible level...Read On >

How to write a great Elevator Pitch!

By Matt Ma ssucci A great elevator pitch gives an overview of who you are and why someone should hire you. It is the “what you do” speech, most often used in networking settings. Since it’s the simplest and most powerful tool for any job seeker, you should be able to reel off your elevator pitch at any time - you never know who might be able to help you land your dream job! You...Read On >

How to Prepare for a Video Interview from Hirewell's Interview Experts

While the live, in-person interview is still far and away the preferred interview method for hiring companies, the video interview is becoming much more commonplace. Hiring has become more global and with more employees working remotely, video interviewing is a way to expedite the interview process while keeping travel costs down and still allowing the interviewer to meet the candidates “face-to-face”. Interviewing this way can be very intimidating, even for those who use this technology...Read On >

Interview questions to help you find your next HR leader

The Human Resources recruitment practice is a cornerstone on which Hirewell was founded, and we are often asked for advice on expanding an HR department . When it comes to what interview questions you should to find your next HR professional, check out the quick list below for some ideas. What is a business partner? How are you a business partner? How closely do you currently work with operations to effect the bottom line? Who...Read On >

Who needs a marketing portfolio? The answer may surprise you.

James Hornick - Partner, IT & Digital Recruiting One trend we are seeing across many clients in Hirewell’s Marketing practice is the desire to see a marketing portfolio, and not just from design/UX candidates. Hiring companies are asking to see portfolios across all areas of marketing, and this trend is fast becoming the norm. A strong resume and LinkedIn page are no longer cutting it for many companies. Hiring mangers want to see work samples,...Read On >

Hirewell's VP of Recruiting Shares His Best Interview Tips (Part 1)

Bill Gates - Vice President of Recruiting A variety of things can make or break an interview, and few of them have to do with your resume. Interviewing is not a mystical process, but most people simply don't do it enough to be comfortable in the situation. However, with a little preparation and mental evaluation of the circumstances, you can turn a nerve-wracking situation into a new job. Follow these tips below and set yourself...Read On >

Practical advice for your job search in 2017

Brendan O’Brien Partner, IT Recruiting Another year has come and gone. If you’re unhappy in your current job, vow to make 2017 a year of change. Finding and landing your next great job can feel overwhelming, so start with the basics and work up from there. Here is some practical advice to get started, and keep up with, the job search in 2017. Conduct an honest self-evaluation of your career and write out your short...Read On >

Selecting and executing references

You nailed the interview and now it’s time to present your references. Some companies will use your references briefly, like to confirm that the positions and dates in your work history are accurate, while others may dive into a deep conversation about your skills and performance. Since you don’t know which path your future employer will take, you must adequately prepare. Be sure not to trip up this close to the finish line with these...Read On >

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