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Who needs a marketing portfolio? The answer may surprise you.

James Hornick - Partner, IT & Digital Recruiting One trend we are seeing across many clients in Hirewell’s Marketing practice is the desire to see a marketing portfolio, and not just from design/UX candidates. Hiring companies are asking to see portfolios across all areas of marketing, and this trend is fast becoming the norm. A strong resume and LinkedIn page are no longer cutting it for many companies. Hiring mangers want to see work samples,...Read On >

Hirewell's VP of Recruiting Shares His Interview Tips & the Best Questions to Prep and Practice (Part 2)

Bill Gates - Vice President of Recruiting Congratulations! You've made it to the interview, a time when you and the hiring company have the opportunity for mutual assessment. The key ingredients for a successful interview are preparation and performance. Boost your confidence before your next interview by reviewing the preparation tips below and rehearsing the sample questions out loud. Preparation Do your homework. Research the company, the opportunity and the interviewer. Review your work experience...Read On >

Hirewell's VP of Recruiting Shares His Best Interview Tips (Part 1)

Bill Gates - Vice President of Recruiting A variety of things can make or break an interview, and few of them have to do with your resume. Interviewing is not a mystical process, but most people simply don't do it enough to be comfortable in the situation. However, with a little preparation and mental evaluation of the circumstances, you can turn a nerve-wracking situation into a new job. Follow these tips below and set yourself...Read On >

Preparing for the Phone Interview

Before we dive, check out these great high level tips for effective interview preparation . In case the interview will be a behavioral interview , check out our post on how to prepare, general topics and sample questions. It might be easy to take a phone interview less seriously than a traditional one-on-one, but the truth is, you should prepare as much or more. Here are Hirewell’s tips and advice for nailing a phone interview:...Read On >

The behavioral interview: how to prepare, general topics & sample questions

What is the purpose of behavioral interviewing? Companies that utilize behavioral interviewing have predetermined the skill sets they require for a particular position. These skill sets could include: decision making and problem solving, leadership, motivation, communication, interpersonal skills, planning and organization, critical thinking skills, team building and the ability to influence others. Below is advice on how to prepare and sample questions to practice. When you're done, check out our general tips on effective interview...Read On >

Hirewell’s tips for effective interview preparation

Preparing for an interview can seem like a daunting task. Keep it simple with this advice from Hirewell’s interview experts: Know the Company Research the company's website and be able to speak about 3-5 facts. Know the products, services and company history. Know the Role Review the job description and relate your resume to it. What excites you about this opportunity? Line up your experience accordingly. Know Yourself Including 3-5 facts about your previous/current company,...Read On >

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