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Interview questions to help you find your next HR leader

The Human Resources recruitment practice is a cornerstone on which Hirewell was founded, and we are often asked for advice on expanding an HR department . When it comes to what interview questions you should to find your next HR professional, check out the quick list below for some ideas. What is a business partner? How are you a business partner? How closely do you currently work with operations to effect the bottom line? Who...Read On >

Ask a Recruiter: A unique perspective on Chicago’s HR scene from Hirewell’s Senior Recruitment Lead, Lauren Lackovich

Hirewell's Senior Recruitment Lead, Lauren Lackovich , gives us her take on why it's an exciting time to be a Human Resources professional in Chicago: Tell us about the company (or positions) you are recruiting for? We’re currently seeing a lot of strategic HR Business Partner roles opening up with a couple of tech focused clients primarily in response to company growth. Because of Hirewell’s partnership with a lot of technology firms, we’re seeing tech...Read On >

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