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Since opening our doors 18 years ago, we’ve shared our perspective on the keys to getting and keeping the best talent with our clients. Now we’re sharing our secrets with you. Listen to Hirewell CEO Matt Massucci’s podcast interview with Peak Performance Nation . ABOUT PEAK PERFORMANCE NATION Peak Performance Nation is a community dedicated to raising your game to the next level by learning how to Execute at the highest level and eliminating the...Read On >

Is it time to refresh your company’s recruiting and retention plan?

Is it time to refresh your company’s recruiting and retention plan? Matt Massucci – Managing Partner & Co-Founder Crucial to the success of hiring and retaining great talent is having a great company recruiting plan. If your business is expanding, or has plans to do so in the future, it’s time to create or review the existing recruiting plan. Below are the some recommended issues to consider and questions to ask your Human Resources and/or...Read On >

Hiring? Recruiting Stats You to Know for 2017 (Infographic)

Hiring? Recruiting Stats You to Know for 2017 ( Infographic ) We put together this infographic to highlight what we feel are very important trends for your Recruiting and Human Resources departments for 2017. Some of these insights might be more shocking than others, but all should help guide your growth and retention outlook and strategy this year and beyond. The rise of the passive candidate reinforces the need to take exceptional care of your...Read On >

Do you know where to find top talent? The answer may surprise you (infographic).

LinkedIn has maintained its status at go-to site for professional networking, but it’s not the only place companies need to focus on when trying to reach top talent – especially the candidates not actively searching for a job. Recent research shows that 21% of job seekers found their last job on their favorite social network, and that many of them actually have a stronger presence on Twitter and Facebook. 21% might not seem that impressive,...Read On >

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