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Matt Massucci joins tastytrade’s Bootstrapping in America

Matt Massucci joins tastytrade’s Bootstrapping in America Hirewell’s Founder and CEO joined t astytrade’s Bootstrapping in America to discuss what the company is doing differently, staying ahead of the recruiting curve, Chicago tech salaries plus much more. Watch the video here .Read On >

Market insights from a tech recruiter: how to attract and retain talent

Adam Fingerhut ,Vice President - IT Recruiting It’s a very exciting time to be recruiting for the tech industry. The demand for software engineers/developers is incredibly high - I’ve personally helped 30+ candidates find new jobs this year and there are still openings on many of our clients’ teams yet to fill. Today’s technical talent is being recruited more than ever by both internal and agency teams, and candidates tell us they can receive up...Read On >

How much equity to offer employees

Matt Massucci , Managing Partner and Co-Founder Attracting and retaining top talent is almost always the difference maker between success and failure, sluggish or rapid growth and ultimately good and great companies. Like most start-ups, you will likely need to provide equity as part of the compensation package since cash can be scarce during the early days. But how much is enough? Although there is not a cookie-cutter answer, the practices described below can help...Read On >

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