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How to get the most out of working with recruiters

A good recruiter can be an invaluable partner throughout your career. Whether you are actively seeking a change or happily employed, it is valuable to work with recruiters as they can keep you in mind for career-advancing opportunities you would miss on your own. Recruiters can offer guidance in every step of the process – from resume tips (check out Hirewell's HR & IT resumes tips), contacting the company through interview tips and offer negotiation...Read On >

6 steps for creating a great employee referral program with Hirewell's partner and co-founder Matt Massucci.

A good employee referral program should be an integral part of any corporate recruiting plan. On average, forty percent of hiring comes from employee referrals. Referred employees fit the company culture better, are usually much more satisfied and stay longer at companies. However, generating a strong employee referral program is not something that can be done overnight. It takes time, commitment from leadership and it must be ingrained in a company’s DNA. Here are 6...Read On >

Hirewell's tips for effectively following-up after an interview

Immediately Following the Interview As soon as you are able after an interview, send a short, polite thank you note to each person you met during the interview process. While handwritten notes are a nice touch, an email is perfectly acceptable. Using your notes, take the opportunity to support the statements you made in the interview on how, specifically, you will add value to the company and position. Add any significant information you may have...Read On >

Preparing for the Phone Interview

Before we dive, check out these great high level tips for effective interview preparation . In case the interview will be a behavioral interview , check out our post on how to prepare, general topics and sample questions. It might be easy to take a phone interview less seriously than a traditional one-on-one, but the truth is, you should prepare as much or more. Here are Hirewell’s tips and advice for nailing a phone interview:...Read On >

12 tips for landing a job in the Chicago tech scene straight from recruiters

Even some of the most famous CEO’s (including Tony Hsieh of Zappos) say they’ve made million dollar hiring mistakes. It happens — but with Hirewell, managing growth and procuring the right talent isn’t a pain point. They take care in understanding each candidate within their system and each business they’re doing placement for. Matthew Massucci, co-founder of Hirewell, gave us his tips: Start Networking Now. Don't wait until you NEED to find a job. Get...Read On >

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