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SVP - Engineering


VP of Engineering


Passionate, highly motivated, strategic, and technically astute Engineering VP needed to provide engineering vision and strategy as well as delivery. The position will own, oversee, drive, and deliver all engineering activities. In addition, this position needs to provide expert advice to the architecture team of how to separate system, and re-platform legacy based systems to a new custom platform. The role requires a strong and highly collaborative leader with service oriented mindset to the business, team player and people manager with excellent planning skills providing vision and direction to our engineering teams focused on development and maintenance of our innovative and industry leading systems.


STRATEGY: Execute strategic objectives as set by Top Executives and BOD. Set the vision/strategy of the engineering team accordingly, and participate in setting vision/strategy of the architecture team. Ensuring the ability to meet members’ needs.

QUALITY: Instill a quality-centric mindset throughout the engineering team. Deliver excellence in quality.

COLLABORATIVE LEADERSHIP: As a working manager and leader, lead/drive leading edge technologies and products engineering team across all disciplines - .NET, SQLServer, Swift, Java, AngularJS, and Azure Application Gateway.  Supervise Directors of Product & Tools Engineering, and mentor Directors of Enterprise Architecture. Steer all teams in the right direction. Ensure that technical experts maintain a higher level focus - in the trees rather than in the leaves.

TEAM/PERSONNEL LEADERSHIP: Accomplish objectives through superior people management and leadership skills. Nurture and guide team’s growth through career model framework and personal leadership. Able to manage a big size team including contractors.

EXPERT PLANNING: In shared resources environment with concurrent projects, use modern and current best practices to manage the work of the team to be sure the best opportunity for delivery on schedule exists in getting tools released, projects done, and deployments done. Agile/Scrum methodology.

COMMUNICATIONS: Concise/precise communicator with service oriented mindset to the business. Ability to “tell the business story” across the organization regarding key business objectives, project priorities, work flow, etc., effectively and efficiently.

FINANCIAL: Responsible for functional budget and performance within and to provide business rationale to for proposed investments.


Education Level: Bachelor’s Degree and relevant work experience (Master’s Degree a plus).

Technical Leadership Credibility:

Methodologies – SCRUM and AGILE.

10+ years of leading/managing engineering operations

Supervising/Leading Directors of Systems and Tools Engineering, and mentoring Directors of Technical Enterprise Architect

Strong programming tools and languages background.

Assessing, Impacting and Maintaining Focus of Tech Experts.

Updating/evangelizing of technologies utilized internally.

Tech Stack Includes:


  • .NET
  • SQLServer (including SSIS SSRS)
  • BizTalk
  • RabbitMQ
  • Elastic Search
  • Kafka
  • Redis


  • Swift
  • Java


  • AngularJS


  • Azure Application Gateway


- Windows 2012

- CentOS

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