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SQL/NoSQL Developer


SQL Developer

Location: Deerfield, IL

We are looking for a SQL Developer to join our team and help us develop the next version of our retail analytic software. You will be responsible for developing internal tools that support the daily processing of terabytes of data in our cloud-based offering. The SQL Developer would have standard end-to-end .Net development skills, with a heavy emphasis on SQL, and minor DBA support.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Standard .Net development
  • Write highly complex stored sprocs, such as a 2000 line data import sproc for ETL
  • Work with SSIS, OLAP, OLTP
  • Performance troubleshoot SQL issues
  • Minor DBA support, security management, backup, etc..

Skills and Requirements:

  • Minimum 5-8 years experience
  • Fluency in SQL Studio and T-SQL
  • Proven track record with creating high-volume transaction procedures
  • Worked with many SQL Servers in large enterprises
  • Used 3rd-party SQL support tools, besides just SQL Studio
  • Managed SQL Server databases over 100GB
  • Worked with TB of data

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