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Senior Manager, Operations and IT Risk


Senior Manager, Security and Operational Efficiency

The Senior Manager, Security and Operational Efficiency will leverage continual improvement concepts to deliver efficient, effective and secure IT services to the business. The manager will solve organizational challenges and lingering issues utilizing iterative cycles to gain traction, provide directionality and build a self-sustaining momentum aligned to strategy. Extensive background in infrastructure, enterprise data centers, software, processes and procedures is required.

Projects will include a broad range of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Infrastructure operational metrics definition
  • ITSM – Incident and Change management design
  • Network team management
  • Team workload analysis and optimization
  • Infrastructure capability assessments
  • Remote office standardization architecture
  • Solutions architecture and design
  • SIEM – Selection, roadmap, and implementation
  • IDS/IPS - design validation
  • SOC capability implementation
  • DLP – Selection, roadmap and implementation
  • Application monitoring standardization
  • Facility technology refresh
  • Security capability assessments
  • Enterprise capacity management trending
  • Cloud component architecture standardization and infrastructure monitoring definition

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