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Senior Analyst, Marketing and Customer Analytics


Summary: The primary function of this position is to be responsible for working with the eCommerce and marketing team to mine and analyze data to understand channel dynamics and customer behavior, improve online marketing efforts, and optimize merchandising strategy for key product categories.

Essential Responsibilities: 

  1. Support data and analytics requests throughout the development cycle including gathering data requirements, sourcing and validating data, analyzing data, building models, synthesizing insights, and presenting results.
  2. Support analysis across multiple large-scale data sources (structured and unstructured) to identify and socialize key facts and insights from within the ecommerce channel.
  3. Develop analytical tools to improve customer segmentation, optimize customer journey, drive insights, and improve elements of the digital marketing mix.
  4. Proactively identify conversion breakdowns by analyzing clickstream data and purchase funnel metrics; develop and test new methodologies, technologies, or approaches to find potential conversion improvement opportunities.
  5. Uncover insights from exploratory analysis by leveraging data experiments and appropriate measurement tools.
  6. Ability to synthesize analysis and insights by using knowledge of the broader business
  7. Identify business growth opportunities via data driven insights. Develop actionable recommendations and present them to eCommerce and Business Unit leadership.
  8. Leverage internal and external data sources to gather relevant industry benchmarks for the ecommerce channel.
  9. Ensure data integrity and testing processes are followed for reporting and research tools. Work with internal and vendor support teams to report and resolve data discrepancies.
  10. Partner with internal and external Information Technology teams to develop short and long term data analytics infrastructure.
  11. Develop and automate daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal reporting/scorecards to monitor the health of the eCommerce business as well as share business insights with marketing, product development, sales, and finance stakeholders.
  12. Develop measure, analyze and report all key performance indicators for online sales channels. Develop and execute performance dashboards as well as perform ad hoc and recurring analyses.
  13. Maintain a positive and professional working relationship with peers, management, and support resources, with a constant commitment to teamwork and exemplary customer service.
  14. Conducts self in the presence of customers and community so as to present a professional image of the company.

Competencies Required:

  • Demonstrated intellectual curiosity with a passion for developing and analyzing large, complex data sets and converting them into the information/insights
  • Familiarity with web analytics tools (Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, etc.) is preferred.
  • Familiarity with relational databases and scripting languages that support data manipulation and reporting automation; examples being SQL, SAS, SPSS, R, or Python is preferred.
  • Working knowledge of data science techniques (statistical models, various regression techniques, decision tree algorithms, cluster analysis, etc)
  • Must be resilient and manage complexity with ease.
  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Able to plan and align priorities to match those of the broader business, be able to easily adapt to changing priorities.

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