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Software Engineers are responsible for building and maintaining the backbone of our company -- the processing, automation, tooling and front-end products that create new opportunities for our clients and serve as a multiplier of the work done by our teams. As a Software Engineer, you will join our Chicago-based technology team, working collaboratively with other engineers, analysts, and data scientists to serve internal and customer needs. Software Engineers have near-endless opportunities to create new products and improve existing processes, from backend data processing to visualization and analytics tools, and we welcome your creativity. Whether you're a generalist or an expert in web apps, big data, stats, or visualization, we want to talk to you.

We are looking for individuals from a wide range of backgrounds with demonstrated quantitative and problem-solving skills. We value creativity, hard work and on-the-job-excellence and offer competitive compensation and benefits packages. In compliance with federal law, all persons hired will be required to verify their identity and eligibility to work in the United States.

Your code will make the world a better place. Our engineers donât just experience the thrill of solving interesting problems, they also have the satisfaction of knowing that their work makes a difference in the world. We donât shy away from helping companies beef up their bottom line, but we also devote significant resources to projects that do good.

You will learn. Our Software Engineers, Data Scientists and Analysts are not only the best and brightest in their fields, but are also eager to teach and learn from you. We send our engineers to conferences and workshops they're interested in. Need software, a book, or AWS instance to help you with your work? Consider it done.

Your work will be diverse. It is not like we have just one or two problems we're trying to solve over here. Every day we're learning and working on new, cutting edge problems at the intersection of technology, data science, and practical application. Software Engineers at our firm have the opportunity to move around from problem to problem.

We trust our Software Engineers. One of the perks of working with the best and brightest is that you're given the trust you deserve. Are you interested in pursuing a new way of solving an old problem? Nice -- give it a shot. Yes, you will still have a manager and deliverable, but we make a point to giving creativity the room and respect it deserves.

Your voice can change the direction of a project. We strongly encourage our Software Engineers to participate in the brainstorming and prioritization process. We don't want people that will mindlessly program the projects we have. We want your perspective and experience. Challenge our assumptions, make us rethink our strategy, and help us improve our solutions. Your expertise will be a critical part of our success and you'll be recognized for your contributions.

You will join a team that contributes to the open source community. Open source software powers much of the work we do, and we want to stay active in the community. See a bug in the open-source library you're using? Fix it and submit a pull request. Want to add a feature to your favorite project or better yet, create an open source project? Make a pitch and let's make it happen. We want you to stay involved in the open source community, and we'll support development time.

We are smart, fun, and a little bit weird. Does this sound like you?

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelorâs degree in Computer Science, a related subject, or commensurate work experience
  • Experience developing successful software solutions to difficult problems
  • An ability and eagerness to constantly learn and teach others
  • A strong understanding of databases (proficiency in SQL, administration, programmatic usage, analytics databases, and/or NoSQL)
  • Expertise in Ruby or Python and experience with other web frameworks
  • Interest and ability to master new languages and technologies
  • Comfort with Git

Preferred Qualifications

  • Graduate degree in Computer Science or a related subject
  • Experience working with large, imperfect datasets
  • Familiarity with statistics and modeling (you know the theory and have experience working with tools like SciPy, R, STATA, and Mahout)
  • Experience with Go (golang)
  • Significant programmatic experience with Map Reduce (AWS EMR, Hive, Pig, and/or Streaming)
  • Familiarity with political technology and data
  • Expertise in mapping and visualization (GIS or D3)
  • Significant experience developing web applications (you have developed in Rails, HTML/CSS/Javascript)
  • Experience using and administrating Amazon Web Services products
  • Experience with application deployment and monitoring

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