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.NET Developer


We are an intellectual property (IP) information services firm focused on delivering IP protection and competitive advantage to analysts and IP owners across the globe.

We accomplish this by ensuring that our efforts deliver on three core standards: Comprehensiveness, Usability and Knowledge Transfer. By adhering to these standards, we are able to offer solutions that provide relevant and actionable business intelligence for any type of IP analysis.

Our offerings include hands-on research solutions such as our Royalty Rate Finder™ database and project-based Customized Research Services that provide tailored IP information deliverables for global organizations, corporations, and government agencies.

Technology is a cornerstone of our business, allowing our team to develop products and tools that exceed our customers’ expectations and driving our passion for relentless innovation.  To support our plans for significant product line expansion, we are looking for an end-to-end application/system engineer to join our development team. 

If you are a technology trailblazer seeking a fast paced environment where every employee has a voice and collaborates daily with people who appreciate the contributions technology makes to the business, we may be the ultimate environment for you.

Required Skills:

•   Experience with building full scale MVC applications, preferably using .net framework

•   Experience with designing relational databases and mapping to an object oriented entity framework

•   Proficiency in database design with appropriate indices and optimizing query performance in a relational database

•   Ability to work with non-structured data stored in text or other formats for automated analysis and extraction of data points

•   Familiarity with using jQuery and other javascript frameworks for UI manipulation

•   Deep knowledge of HTML and CSS standards and current design patterns

•   Extensive use of regular expressions for data analysis

•   .net framework experience particularly using C# with LINQ for querying databases as well as collections.

•   Familiarity with cloud technologies such as S3, EC2 and other services offered through Amazon Web Services.


The ideal candidate will be:

•   A Guru — with deep knowledge of technology standards and philosophy with ability to dissect existing pieces or components into their smaller parts to determine best development path or enhancements.

•   Creative — able to see potential to provide better efficiency beyond the constraints of existing standards

•   Efficient — able to make frequent and rapid deployments for new features and products

•   Nimble — able to move from proof-of-concept to beta very quickly

•   Seasoned — possessing real-life experience with debugging all layers of the application and supporting hardware

Education and Additional Qualifications:

•   Bachelor’s Degree required, Advanced Degree a plus

•   5+ years of experience as a developer or related position

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