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Engineering Manager - Platform


Engineering Manager

We are seeking a leader for our Enterprise Data Platform team. 

By leveraging our industry-leading proprietary data and analytics, our technology enables deeper, more engaged relationships between Retailers, Brands and Consumers through our platform, web, and mobile products.


  • We eat collaboration and curiosity for breakfast
  • We communicate quickly and succinctly
  • We believe in roles instead of jobs
  • We take initiative independently and hurdle challenges together
  • We discuss, debate, decide and do with the same rapidity as we iterate our platform
  • We are a talent ecosystem whose health is predicated on each individual’s ability to support every other individual’s success


  • Someone energetic, empathic and earnest
  • Someone who wakes each morning thinking of which opportunity they will grab today
  • Someone that refuses to give up when the path isn’t paved
  • Someone that consistently delivers quality work on schedule
  • Someone who would rather build the right tool to do the job than wait until they’re handed one
  • A creative thinker as adept at looking at the Big Picture as they are at the details
  • An obsessive perfectionist that knows when to put down the paintbrush and ship
  • The kind of person that can expertly use an Onion headline as an analogy in a serious strategy meeting


The mission of our Enterprise Data Platform is to reliably and consistently deliver complex and targeted analytical data as close to real time as possible and enable this data to be available anywhere, anytime for our customers and partners. Behind the scenes, our data platform utilizes state of the art distributed data processing technologies and ML algorithms to cleanse and transform retailer sales and products data into actionable insights in the cloud.

As the Engineering Manager for the Enterprise Data Platform team, you will be responsible for the building the team and delivering this pipeline from parsing of incoming data, to modeling and delivering the analytic content so that it can be efficiently served up by the APIs.


  • Lead a fast-paced team through every phase of the software development life cycle and mentor software engineers
  • Shape, drive and be held accountable for delivering significant initiatives across the platform
  • Establish an understanding of our customers’ business and technical needs to design and build top-notch product solutions
  • Provide vision, define system and application architecture, problem anticipation and problem-solving ability across the landscape 
  • Improve our parsing and data processing technology to be reliable and highly performant
  • Work with measurement and data scientists to incorporate advanced analytics and machine learning into the data pipelines
  • Model the existing and new data deliverables so that they can be efficiently stored and queried
  • Actively stay informed of new and emerging big data and cloud technologies

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