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Director of Product


Director of Product


Our client is a young, fast-growing company. To keep that momentum going strong, we’re expanding our team. We’re hiring a Director of Product who is eager to lead our growing product team and help develop our products.


10 or more years’ experience in Product Management and/or related field.

Thinking creatively and strategically to advance our products. You will be building, supervising and coaching our product, platform and content teams- helping them plan and prioritize their work. You will bring these teams together to focus on achieving our product goals.

Act as the voice of the user, and are as passionate about their experience. You are out there testing the product, talking to users and getting their feedback firsthand. You are endlessly curious about our customers, and the loudest advocate to ensure that their experience is beautiful, simple and elegant.

Develop and help drive a shared understanding of a long term vision that describes how the organization needs to operate now and in the future. You develop detailed action plans which include objectives, accountability, time frames and contingencies. You are cool under pressure and you're not afraid to ask tough questions.

Able to attract, hire, engage, and develop talented people to build the capabilities required for the organization to perform at high levels. You are able to manage the contribution and performance of individuals and teams by communicating clear expectations. You provide quality time and planned commitment to direct reports. You allow for opportunities for them to understand their strengths and limitations in relation to a range of high-quality and relevant competencies. You address problems openly and objectively and have the intention of resolving issues in an unemotional and constructive manner.

Not afraid to ask questions and are open to constructive criticism. You're an enthusiastic self-starter who takes ownership of your work. You're also flexible and adapt to change well.

Be accountable to our customer's success, you encourage and respect your teammates, and you're careful and thoughtful with your work. You also advocate for and value the power of great design.

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