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Account Director


Main Objectives of This Job:

  • Senior-level management of all Account Services operations

  • Ensure all client accounts are being served successfully and profitably; interact with clients at a high-level across all accounts

  • Strategic support including writing, developing, and approving major client initiatives and plans

  • Provide leadership to all AS personnel to help them grow and develop in their professional career tracks, and track progress through measurable milestones.

  • Help with the overall success of the company by acting as a high-level thinker, interpreting client requests to ensure AS delivers accurate product, and providing insights and recommendations on hiring, staffing needs, and services provided.

  • Report directly to the President.

  • Works closely with Vice President and Executive Creative Director to ensure great work and business growth

The position requires advanced verbal and written communication skills, analytical thinking, personal organization and interpersonal dynamics. The Director of AS must be a capable personnel manager, with team-building skills and mentoring abilities. A clear understanding of today’s marketing and advertising business and a keen sense of entrepreneurship are essential.

Genuine Values This Person Should Possess:

  • Show an eagerness to grow and learn more about the business ? this includes asking questions, reading, modeling others and being open and responsive to feedback/areas of improvement

  • Exhibit professionalism and commitment to his/her role, the company and creative product

Major Responsibilities of This Position:

Leadership, Management, and Team Development

  • Mentor and assist in the overall career growth and skill development of all AS personnel

  • Be an influencer and mentor working to the creative team (in collaboration with the Executive Creative Director)

  • Maintain and nurture a profitability mentality in the AS staff

  • Help staff develop profit plans, forecasts, timelines, and accurate project scopes

  • Encourage a “what’s next” mentality to keep the agency busy with billable activities

  • Participate in agency performance reviews

  • Evaluate AS performance based on utility, goal-setting, and account growth

  • Meet with AS staff on a regular basis to review activities and concerns

Client Growth & Account Profitability

  • Acquire a deep understanding of clients’ industries, needs, and opportunities

  • Assist with account growth and new business within existing accounts

  • Support RFI and RFP requests

  • Nurture existing relationships to introduce the agency

  • Develop and maintain educational data across client accounts for AS department to use as a reference

  • Provide clients with clear access to senior-level management

  • Ensure client needs are accurately and efficiently staffed at all times

  • Contact and form relationships with senior client personnel

  • Ensure client relations are positive and stable; informing the President or VP of any potential problems such as budget overruns or missed deadlines before they occur

  • Oversee that AS staff produces accurate estimates, projections, budgets, scopes, timelines, and expense reports. Limit write-offs and unbillable expenses, and guarantee a ‘no surprises’ philosophy for clients in regard to billing and costs. Utilize and enforce Project Change Notices to ensure fair compensation

Strategic and Analytical Support of the Agency

  • Interpret initial client asks to make sure the agency is delivering accurate executions that are in line with the client’s strategic goals

  • Look for ways to introduce research capabilities as a new revenue channel

  • Regularly check that tactical executions remain in-line with original strategies throughout the duration of campaigns

  • Help to write, develop, review, and approve all major media, PR, and creative strategic plans before going out the door to clients.

  • Provide insightful recommendations to the agency in regard to hiring, staffing needs, and services provided to increase overall profit

  • Analyze company data through projections, account sales, utility, and various other sources and provide strategic recommendations based on findings

Necessary Skills:

  • Strong relationship-/rapport-building skills ? IMPERATIVE skill set requirement

  • Strong knowledge of the industry

  • Strong planning skills

  • Strong knowledge of all social media trends

  • Strong presentations skills (large groups/one-on-one)

  • Strong organizational skills

  • Ability to gather/analyze/prepare and present data

  • Ability to successfully deal with a variety of personalities (client/internal)

  • Proficient in Microsoft Outlook, Word PowerPoint, and Excel

Level of Formal Education Required:

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Advertising/Marketing or related field

  • Post-graduate degrees and related courses are a plus

Number of Years Prior Relevant Experience Required:  

  • Ten years minimum agency-related experience

What’s In It for You?

  • Competitive Salary with an opportunity for bonuses (commensurate with experience)

  • Vacation/Personal/Sick Days

  • 10 Paid Holidays

  • 401(k) Plan with a corporate match

  • Profit Sharing

  • Health Insurance (Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield)

  • Vision Insurance

  • Dental Insurance

  • Life Insurance

  • Short-  and Long-term Disability Insurance

  • Health Savings Account (annual corporate contribution)

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