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Immediately Following the Interview

As soon as you are able after an interview, send a short, polite thank you note to each person you met during the interview process.  While handwritten notes are a nice touch, an email is perfectly acceptable.  Using your notes, take the opportunity to support the statements you made in the interview on how, specifically, you will add value to the company and position. Add any significant information you may have forgotten to say in the interview. 

Before we dive, check out these great high level tips for effective interview preparation.  In case the interview will be a behavioral interview, check out our post on how to prepare, general topics and sample questions.

We are excited to announce that Hirewell has been named a finalist for Best Service Provider for the 4th Annual Moxie Awards, presented by Built In Chicago. Over 7,000 nominations were received and we are proud to be among the prestigious group of finalists for the 4th consecutive year!

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Every company has a culture. And the right culture will almost certainly affect your happiness at work as much as your job description and pay. Therefore, as you begin the process of applying for a new job, it is absolutely necessary to spend time trying to learn about a company’s culture.

Preparing for an interview can seem like a daunting task. Keep it simple with this advice from Hirewell’s interview experts:

Know the Company Research the company's website and be able to speak about 3-5 facts. Know the products, services and company history.

Know the Role Review the job description and relate your resume to it. What excites you about this opportunity? Line up your experience accordingly.

Nominations for the Built in Chicago Moxie Awards are open!

Please nominate Hirewell in the Best Service Provider category using the following link: http://moxieawards.builtinchicago.org/nominate Nominations close April 30th.

Consider these tips to help your resume stand apart from the competition:

Have very specific success stories for the position requirements. Make sure to include the specific titles, departments, types of training, types of leadership and types of employees to your resume.

When negotiating salary, companies take several factors into consideration:

  • current compensation
  • your skills and experience
  • how your skills and experience line up with the existing team
  • how your skills line up with the overall market (other offers you've received)


  • 2015 Chicago tech job salary guide: How does your salary stack up?

Garrett Reim Built in Chicago 2.15.15

Before we dive into the employee descriptions and salary ranges, here are three tips for negotiating salary from partner and co-founder Matt Massucci of Hirewell, a Chicago-based recruiting firm.

When negotiating salary, companies take several factors into consideration:


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