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Two improvements you can make to dramatically improve your IT resume

Two improvements you can make to dramatically improve your IT resume 

Mark Slocum, Vice President of Recruiting

You’ve heard about the importance of keywords before, but it’s worth repeating. Having the proper buzzwords and technologies listed on your IT resume is the most important thing you can do to improve it.  Create a section to list of all the technologies, languages and tools you have worked with, but make sure it’s clear which tools you specifically worked with for each role, because employers will definitely want to know.

The first person reading your resume is often is a recruiter or a member of HR and probably not the one making the ultimate decision on the candidate. And since a person in this role is likely to be searching primary for keywords, you must make it crystal clear what it is you do and what technologies you’ve worked with. Write for both audiences but avoid terms, acronyms and slang that may be confusing, too technical or not universal.

Provide the largest amount of detail for your most recent job, or the one that is most relevant to the position for which you are applying. Keeping everything else brief will help you keep the resume to a manageable length.

The next best thing you can do to improve your IT resume is to remove, as best you can, the job duties and focus on including, and quantifying, the note-worthy accomplishments. Provide examples of how former employers benefited from your performance and the major clients, projects or products you worked on. Quantify increases in sales, profits and efficiencies from your work.  

The old adage, “the resume doesn't get you the job but it can cost you the interview” is never more applicable than as it is with IT.  Buff up on the buzzwords and measurable accomplishments and you’ll find yourself in the interview seat more often. 

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