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Interview questions to help you find your next HR leader

The Human Resources recruitment services practice is the cornerstone on which Hirewell was founded, and we are often asked for advice on expanding an HR department.  When it comes to what questions you should ask to during an interview to find your next HR professional, check out the quick list below for some ideas.

Interview questions to find your next HR leader:

  • What is a business partner? How are you a business partner?
  • How closely do you currently work with operations to effect the bottom line?
  • Who are the highest level people you partner with in your current organization?
  • What is the biggest decision you have made at work?
  • How would you handle an employee who breaks company policy, and can you provide an example of when you had to address this issue?
  • What are some of your out-of-the-box solutions for challenges you have faced?
  • What are the top three projects you have you lead?
  • How have you made an impact at your company?
  • Tell me about your experience in: Benefits, HR, Recruiting, Compensation, Employment Law & HRIS?
  • How did your HR department contribute to planning, creating, maintaining, and changing the corporate culture?
  • What do you think is most important to ensure employee satisfaction? 
  • How does the HR function impact your firm’s strategic planning in your current position?
  • Tell me about a time when you initiated a people process or program that was successful in your organization. Why did you believe your organization needed the program? What steps did you take to initiate and develop the program?

This is just a start.  Reach out to the HR recruitment services experts at any time to learn how we can help you find today's best talent to grow your Human Resources team.

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