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5 In Demand Marketing Jobs in 2017 (Infographic)

5 In Demand Marketing Jobs in 2017 (Infographic)

Kelly Walsh, Digital Recruiter

Over the last year, we’ve seen a big uptick in marketing roles as companies are expanding their marketing departments to strategically compete for consumers’ limited attention.  We expect to fill more of these roles than ever in 2017.  Below, and captured on this infographic, are five popular marketing jobs you will find on our job board. Check out hirewell.com/jobseekers to find these roles and much more, and additional marketing resources at the bottom of this article.  

Social Media Manager Salary: Junior: $40,000 - Senior: $80,000

Social Media Managers must be knowledgeable and experienced in content creation, SEO, analytics, tracking, paid media and social media monitoring tools.  They drive content strategy, editorial and video output by creating content and managing the scheduling of daily posts while tracking engagement.

They work closely with Marketing, Digital, PR and Analytics teams.

  • Create social media content; draft copy and manage scheduling of daily posts
  • Partners with Earned Media teams to run Paid Social strategies alongside organic social strategies and content
  • Monitor platforms in real-time
  • Engage followers through compelling and authentic comments
  • Participate in SEO research and implementation
  • Stay aware and ahead of key trends, competitive insights and emerging social media tools
  • Skills: Branding, strong writing skills, digital and social media platforms, core understanding of SEO and analytics, project management

Digital Media Manager

Salary: Junior: $60,000 - Senior: $130,000

Digital Media Managers plan and buy digital media - display, video, content, etc.  The work with vendors and partners on the execution of media plans. They help set digital strategy for products or consumer target initiatives across many consumer touch points.

Digital Media Managers work closely with several teams like Marketing, Social Media and Engagement, Paid Media, Customer Insights and Analytics.

  • Develop marketing campaigns and identify trends and insights
  • Measure and report the performance of digital marketing campaigns and assess against goals (ROI and KPIs)
  • Utilize strong analytical ability to evaluate customer experience across multiple channels and customer touch points
  • Evaluate emerging technologies

Skills: Exceptional knowledge of digital trends and social media technologies pertinent to driving digital audience growth and engagement, digital content marketing strategies, a strong understanding of digital ROI and analysis of KPI metrics, communication skills.

Account Manager Salary: Junior: $60,000 - Senior: $100,000

Account managers keep clients happy. Happy clients keep buying. Positioned between the product team and sales team, account managers work to improve client relations by helping them with their existing products and upselling additional helpful products or features.

  • Responsible for all client communications, conflict resolution and compliance
  • Manage contracts and client billing communications
  • Monitor client activity, analyze performance and suggest areas of improvement
  • Upsell features to client to increase revenues
  • Resolve client problems with client support and engineering teams

Skills: Sales, customer support, ability to understand technical subjects

SEO Manager

Salary: Junior: $50,000 - Senior: $130,000

An SEO Manager develops and leads SEO initiatives, optimization and measurement strategies and best practices to fulfill digital strategies and business goals.  They work from concept to delivery on website development projects while identifying opportunities and risks for SEO.

SEO Managers work closely Brand, Digital Content, E-Commerce, Social Media, PR and Paid Search teams.

  • Develop SEO goals and organize SEO audits
  • Develop and manage SEO road maps, priorities, projects and dashboards
  • Keep up to date with all new SEO developments and technologies
  • Provide SEO recommendations to content, product and development teams.

Skills: Expertise in web, mobile and social SEO best practices and platforms (BrightEdge, SEOClarity, Moz, etc.), web analytics tools (Google Analytics, Omniture, etc.), programming knowledge (Java, .Net, markup languages, etc.), project management, marketing, social media, communication and collaboration skills

UI Designer

Salary: Junior: $60,000 - Senior: $125,000

UI Designers lead the creative strategy, conception and execution of digital media like websites, mobile applications, social media assets and email templates.  They design, develop or enhance graphics and branding to meet marketing objectives.

UI Designers work closely with User Experience Designers, Front and Back-End Developers, Content Specialists, Internal Project Managers and external client leads.

  • Create mood boards, style tiles, compositions and digital style guides
  • Produce user interface designs meeting brand guidelines and specifications for websites, mobile applications, emails, etc.
  • Work with multiple UX designers and developers
  • Quality assurance and testing
  • Keep up with trends and new technologies

Skills: HTML, CSS, and responsive web design techniques, HTML5 and CSS3, Sketch, Adobe After Effects or similar motion graphics programs, JavaScript frameworks (Backbone, Angular), git for source code management, responsive front end frameworks (Foundation, Twitter Bootstrap), experience working with Back-End Developers on WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Ruby on Rails, browser developer tools (Chrome DevTools, Firebug), prototype development and wire framing, iOS and Android HIG (Human Interface Guidelines), task runners (Grunt or Gulp), Adobe design tools, including Photoshop and Illustrator, typography, layout, color and all other elements of design

*Note: The above salary ranges represent reference numbers for digital tech companies in the city of Chicago. The information was gathered from Hirewell. Salaries will vary across industries, companies and locations. Salary is also dependent on the negotiating ability of the employers and applicants.

Additional marketing resources from the Hirewell blog:

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